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Boy Meets Girl

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Boy Meets Girl

Cut to a montage of fun, as Lily and Rick take on the bowling alley. Lily, I guess, is supposed to look adorable as she tries, rather unconvincingly, to bowl. When the montage ends, we find the pair making out in Rick's car.

Black-and-white Lily says, "I thought it was the end of it when he asked me to go bowling."

Clearly, that's not the case, as we cut back to them groping and groaning in the truck. Lily reads my mind and exclaims, "Oh! This is like high school!" They try to figure out where they can continue their panting and pawing. Lily remembers that her kids are out with Jake, so they decide to go to her place. Lily hedges a little, though, worrying about where things are headed since it's only their first date (and, as we learn, she's a third-date kinda gal...oops, spoiler!). Lily shares that she hasn't had sex with anyone other than Jake in a long time. Rick assures her that they don't have to sleep together. They can "do other things." This really is like high school! Lily interprets Rick's statement: "Which means we'll end up sleeping together." Rick continues to insist that they don't have to.

Back at her place, Lily and Rick are standing side-by-side in the kitchen, jackets on, and gulping wine. Lily's purse is still on her shoulder. I get the sense that they're uncomfortable or something. Rick puts down his glass, then hers, and they start kissing.

Cut to them on the couch, still kissing.

Black-and-white Lily tells us, "I thought another man's body would feel strange, and...it did. But I was more surprised by my own body, and how much I wanted him."

On the couch, Rick starts unbuttoning Lily's shirt and then slides it off her shoulders. As they stare deeply into one another's eyes, his hands rest lightly on her collarbone, and they lean toward each other and...

The font door flies open behind them. Lily scoots to the floor, scrambling to pull her shirt closed and button it as the kids barrel in with Jake. Rick pops up off the couch and spins to look at them. The members of Bad Timing Incorporated realize what they're looking at, and they freeze. "Excuse me?" Jake says, all indignant in his bad hair and leather jacket. They all ask each other what they're doing there. Grace, of course, starts freaking out, acting like she's about to go into conniptions, and saying, "I can't believe this is happening." Zoe starts asking, "Who's he?" Rick figures it's probably a good time for him to be going. Grace keeps insisting it's NOT okay. Rick slips out the front door with a mouthed "Sorry!" from Lily. As quiet finally settles, Zoe points out that Lily missed a button. Wah wah.

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Once and Again




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