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Boy Meets Girl

Cut to Lily at her desk. Judy's wheeling around on her office chair again. This time another woman, Naomi, is with them. She's seated in a chair in the corner. The three are drinking beer while Judy and Naomi try to get some dirt on the date. They pelt Lily with questions about kissing and "clothes coming off" until poor, beleaguered Lily shouts, "Stop!" Clenching her fists, she says she's never going to see Rick again because their schedules conflict too much. She says it took them ten minutes to figure out the next time they're both free. Judy gently -- patronizingly -- reminds Lily that "Grace isn't six anymore. You can go out whenever you want." Lily explains Grace's anxiety attacks and then says it's not fair for her to date when Grace is in turmoil over boys and her self-esteem. Naomi suggests that Lily get a babysitter. Lily says that Grace would be insulted. In unison, Judy and Naomi screech, "Li-LEE!" Judy then asks, "Who runs your house, anyway? What do you want to do, sit here like a nun until [Grace] decides to get over it?" Lily makes more excuses, and Judy makes it clear that she's not buying any of them. From the corner, Naomi sensibly asks why Lily doesn't get Jake to take the girls when Lily wants to go out. Lily can't even get her head around the concept at first, but Judy and Naomi finally manage to convince her that it's a sound idea. Lily picks up the phone and calls Jake. She's stunned speechless when he agrees to take the girls.

Cut to Rick's kitchen. Eli, closing the fridge door, asks, "So, are you going to see that mom again?" Rick says tomorrow night. Eli pronounces it "so cool." Rick addresses the homework situation and tells Eli that they'll start "this thing" together, and then Eli's going to finish it, and they'll go over it in the morning. They chat about Jennifer for a moment, and Eli says, "Isn't she nice? And her body is just amazing. Did you see how you could just wrap your hands around her waist?" Thankfully, Rick says no, he didn't notice that. Eli announces that Jennifer is good for him, and she doesn't look down on him for getting tutored. Rick takes his cue and gives Eli a pep talk, saying that no one will look down on him, and he shouldn't think of himself as "stupid." Eli gets distracted by a football game on the small countertop TV. Rick gives the kid a couple of taps to snap him out of it. Eli says he just needs to check the score. Rick insists that he doesn't. "One minute, okay?" Eli begs. Rick, sighing, says, "One minute." He tells Eli to get his textbook and, looking at the cover, says, "Oh, World War II. I'm an expert on this." Eli doesn't really care, since he's glued to the football game. Rick puts the book in front of Eli, commanding him to read. Eli starts reading aloud, somewhat haltingly, and pauses a lot to glance at the TV. The team makes a good play, and Rick and Eli forget all about the homework. Uh-oh. Karen's not going to like this one bit.

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Once and Again




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