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Boy Meets Girl

"And I'm like, 'Don't do it! Don't do it!" we hear Rick say. Yeah, I didn't want her to finish that story, either. Oh, black-and-white Rick explains that he's referring to his impulse to kiss Lily while she was talking.

Back to the Inappropriate Dinner Hour, where Rick is regaling Lily with the tale of his divorce. He says he fears the effects the divorce will have on his kids. Waiter, another bottle of wine! Lily tells him that he couldn't stay married if he was miserable. He replies that people do it all the time. Lily asks if he thinks carrying all this guilt around is good for his kids. Good point. Rick says he's not like this most of the time -- most of the time, he's happy he's out of the marriage.

Later, we find Rick and Lily standing outside the restaurant. They're between their his 'n' hers SUVs, which are parked side-by-side, and are awkwardly struggling through the date wrap-up. While Lily searches for something to say, Rick leans in and kisses her. They stand for a moment, forehead-to-forehead, and mutter things that let us know they don't want to say goodnight. Lily finally tears herself away, and as she drives off, Rick stands there, watching her.

At home, Zoe and Grace are sitting in the kitchen. Lily wants to know why Zoe is still up. Grace demands to know where Lily was, and why she didn't have her phone on. Lily says she had her phone the whole time and it didn't ring once. She asks what is the matter. Grace starts crying -- but with no tears, I'd like to point out -- and says she just got really scared; she heard noises outside. The whole thing looks pretty damn fake to me, and besides, if Grace were truly frightened, why didn't she call Jake? Lily fawns over Grace and apologizes. Mollified, Grace asks if Lily had a good time. Lily says she did and Grace asks, with a worried look, "Are you gonna marry this guy?" Lily points out that she just met him. "Yeah, but you really like him," Grace counters. "No, I don't even know him," Lily says, struggling to be cool. But she's giddy, and while trying to convince the girls of her nonchalance, she knocks over a few things on the counter. Grace knows what's going on. Zoe says, "I don't want you to marry anybody but daddy." Lily insists, "I'm not marrying anybody, including daddy." She scoops up Zoe and carries her off to bed.

The next day, Grace and her friends pass Eli on the stairs. At the top, he turns and calls, "Grace!" She's startled. Grace and the girls stand open-mouthed while Eli tells her about a party coming up on the weekend. He encourages her to go and promises that he'll introduce her around. He walks away, and Grace's friends erupt into giggles. "Eli. Sammler. Oh. My. God," they swoon. Can I just say that you could never pay me enough to be fourteen again?

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Once and Again




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