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Major thanks to Karen415, who offered me the use of her video collection and made possible the recapping of many early episodes, including this one. Since I'm recapping this episode after having caught the rest of the season, I won't bother pretending I don't already know the characters and their dynamics. Because I'm lazy like that, and because the damn confessionals pretty much spell it all out within the first four minutes.

The screen fades up to a shot of Lily's head, close-up and sideways on a pillow. She's got a faraway look in her eyes, as if there's more on her mind than the dread of dragging her ass into the morning. Her voice-over confirms it: "All I ever wanted, I think, was to be safe." Reluctantly, Lily rolls over and hauls herself out of bed. She then flops onto Grace's bed, where she bounces up and down and repeatedly asks, "Are you up?" I'd kill her.

In the meantime, Lily's voice-over resumes: "That's the funny thing. Because I never chose the safe thing." Right, like choosing the big house in the burbs and the massive SUV amounts to taking your life in your hands.

Cut to the first ever, big deal, arty-farty, black-and-white confessional sequence. It's kind of like that crap they pull on "reality" shows like The Real World. Can I just say that, after a season of these black-and-white spoon-feeding sessions, I'm a little sick and effing tired of them? They're like a joke that's funny the first time and downright annoying by the tenth. And by my count, we're hovering somewhere around four hundred and sixty-nine. Enough already. Anyway, black-and-white Lily picks up the thought she started in her voice-over, saying, "No matter how hard I'd try, it'd always end up unsafe." And that's it. Really, why even bother showing her if she's going to be on-screen for all of two seconds?

Lily emits a cavernous yawn. She's now sitting on the bed of Zoe, her younger daughter, and treating her to the Wake-Up Call From Hell by tickling her. Anyone ever tries that with me, and they'll be surgically removing my foot from their abdomen. Lily voice-overs: "My marriage was supposed to be safe -- until Jake got other ideas." Okay, in case you missed it, folks, that there's the line in the sand. By the end of the hour, you're expected to have your feet planted squarely on Lily's side.

Lily walks past a mantle loaded with family photos, and the camera sticks on a black-and-white shot of some doofus with a football. The camera zooms in and -- hey! -- it's Jake, only I almost didn't recognize him with that really bad '80s haircut, which I think is meant to look boyish but instead just screams Jerry Seinfeld. As the camera moves in, the photo springs to life, and we're treated to a little clip of the family playing football together on the front lawn. Why? I have no idea. I guess so we understand that they were happy not too long ago.

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