Once and Again
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Shout-outs to Wing Chun, Glark, Sars, and the rest of the Mighty Big TV gang, just because I feel like it.

The episode opens in Lily's kitchen, where she's pulling lasagna from the oven. Zoe expresses surprise that Lily's cooking during the week. Lily cheerily defends herself and tells Zoe that it's a "special night -- Aunt Judy's coming over for dinner for the first time since --" "Since Rick started living here?" Zoe concludes. "Since Rick started sleeping over occasionally," Lily corrects her. Grace rushes in panicking because she can't find her skis, and she, too, is surprised that Lily's cooking during the week. See where this joke is going? Lily gives one of her patented exasperated eye rolls and asks why Grace needs her skis tonight. Grace duhs, "The ski trip?" and adds that she needs to get the bindings adjusted to fit her new boots. She heads off to search some more as Rick slips through the back door. He asks what smells so good, and Lily tells him it's lasagna. Everybody say it with Rick: "During the week?" Lily gives him a stink-eye, but it's pretty half-hearted. She announces that the next person who says anything about her cooking isn't getting any. Zoe smiles at Rick over the bundle of placemats in her arms and informs him that Judy's coming to dinner. Rick is decidedly less enthusiastic about it than Zoe. Judy, on cue, comes flying into the kitchen and ends up being the next person to say something about Lily's cooking during the week. Zoe giggles that Judy doesn't get any, but Judy's unfazed, since she's given up dairy and only wants salad anyway. Lily looks absolutely thrilled to have spent hours cooking Judy's favorite dish. On a side note, Judy's gone and spent a lot of time curling her hair into a mass of ringlets. She really shouldn't have. She and Rick give each other a phony kissy-kiss hello. I hate those things and everything they stand for. Grace returns, full of piss, because she still can't find her skis. Lily snarks that they're in the closet, and Grace snarks right back that she looked. Lily heads off to help Grace in her quest, leaving Judy and Rick alone. And uncomfortable.

The two of them stand on either side of the island, Judy smiling at Rick as she tosses the salad, and Rick tossing some little yellow vegetable-y things into the salad. Without washing them first. Judy continues smiling sweetly as she systematically tosses out every last yellow thing. They're some tiny vegetable I've never seen before -- kind of like a small, squash-shaped yellow tomatoes. Damn, I'd throw those out of my salad, too. They look like a genetics experiment gone awry. Anyway, Rick obviously notices the rejection of his contribution, but he just bites his tongue, takes a deep breath, and says, "So? No dairy, huh?" Judy tells him she learned that she's allergic, and proceeds to lecture him on the downsides of dairy, informing him of all its nasty effects on humans. She concludes, "And we're giving all this milk to children? I mean, they're human, not little cows." Rick forces a laugh, and his Soliloquy Self pops up to say, "She is so...out there!" He says it distastefully. In-colour Rick jokes that he thinks he's allergic to half his life. Judy smiles and asks which half. He says he wishes he knew. She fakes a wide smile and goes back to tossing the salad as Soliloquy Judy says, "He's so...contained!" She says it distastefully. Do you think maybe these two don't really like each other?

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Once and Again




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