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Two Makes a Home

We open in the kitchen of Manning Manor, where Lily is frantically smoothing her shirt and asking Zoe, "Is this blouse okay?" Zoe looks up from her cereal bowl and assures Lily that it's pretty. Lily strains to see herself in the glass of the cupboards and frets, "I look like his mother!" She amends, "Not like his mother, but..." A mother? Fat chance. Grace breezes past, asking, "Whose mother?" Lily reminds Grace that it's Family Day at Aaron's group home, and that she wants to look..."Sane?" Grace supplies. Lily tsks and rummages in her purse, getting a faraway look.

Soliloquy Lily says, "When you go there, you feel just how much work it must be to be...insane, I guess."

Lily grabs her things and searches for her keys. Zoe hands them to her, and Lily asks how she always knows where the keys are. Lily gives Zoe a kiss, and Grace bounds toward the fridge, reminding Lily to take the cookies they made for Aaron. She asks Lily to give Aaron a kiss for her, and Zoe seconds the motion. Lily blows out the door, and Zoe presses up to Grace at the counter, bubbling, "Guess what?" Grace idly flips through the mail and acts bored, telling Zoe not to make her beg. Zoe says that Jessie found pictures of Aaron in the attic, from when he was in high school. Zoe says he was "always with all these girls. And he was cute. Like, deeply cute."

Fade to the two of them on Zoe's bed, sifting through a box of old black-and-white photos. "Look at that! He's juggling!" Zoe exclaims, passing a picture to Grace. She asks whether Grace knew that Aaron could juggle. "I didn't know he could do anything," Grace murmurs with a trace of awe.

The photograph of Aaron fades into the real Aaron, sprawled in an armchair and listening to the visiting family members introduce themselves. Shelley, the group-home worker, turns her attention to a patient named Miriam, and asks how she's doing. Miriam is played by Ally Sheedy. A few posters have commented that she looks reminiscent of her Breakfast Club character, before the makeover. Looking at her streaky, cakey, blacked-out eyes, I'd say not only did the makeover not take, but she hasn't bothered washing off a single layer of the makeup she's applied since. She's not exactly on a first-name basis with Mr. Sassoon, either. Miriam's father, Mr. Miller, answers for her, saying that she's doing really well. He starts talking about Miriam's dead mother, but it's hard to hear what he's saying, because Miriam starts talking over him. It's hard to tell what she's saying, too, but I think we're meant to assume it doesn't make much sense. The camera pans over to Aaron, who's now sitting up, fully attentive, and hanging on Miriam's every word. He clearly adores her. Lily glances from Aaron to Miriam and looks vexed. Miriam and her father trail off just as Miriam says, "And it is true that he is my only child." Mr. Miller places a hand on her knee as a signal to stop, but Miriam keeps on talking, saying, "So you go Daddy...go Daddy Lion...Rowr! Rrrrowrrr!" With an edge to his voice, Mr. Miller commands her to stop. Lily folds her arms across her chest and shifts uncomfortably. Aaron shrinks into his chair. Miriam stares fiercely at her father but finally relents, her face softening into a smile. "Oh yeah, you're right. You're right, Herbie," she says softly. She whispers "okay" to herself repeatedly. Across the room, Aaron suddenly has a sucker. He pops it out of his mouth and waves to Miriam with it.

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Once and Again




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