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Aaron's Gettin' Better

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Aaron's Gettin' Better

So, this week Once and Again gets back to what it does best, and I, for one, could not be happier. Except that this episode made me cry like a baby. I mean, Patrick Dempsey and Leonard Cohen? Dude, I never had a chance. I should probably warn you, there may be intermittent breaks in the recap because I doubt I can get through this thing without spilling a few more drops of saline. Okay, deep breaths, deep breaths...

Soliloquy Lily opens the episode, fondly saying, "It's not like we never fought. We fought all the time. Over everything. Who had to sit next to Grandma at Passover, the best ways to torture Judy. It was great!"

Cut to Lily in Grace's room, making the bed and nervously chatting to Rick, who's standing in the doorway, still in his jacket, holding the pillows. Lily's anxiously going over the sleeping arrangements and then excitedly says, "I just can't believe he's coming!" She adds that she can, because he did so well at Judy's, and Rick mentions something about medication. Lily says, "There's no miracles. They always say that. But it works!" Rick exposits, "Like it's done for Aaron." Lily looks at him tenderly and thanks him "so much for stopping by so early." He quips, "Wait 'til we're married -- I'll frequently be stopping by early." Lily goes to grab his lips for a smush, but the phone interrupts her. They search for it, trying to follow its muffled rings through the sheets and blankets, surprised that it's buried in the bed. They finally dig it out, and it's Jake on the line, actually giving them some warning that he'll be there in two minutes for the girls. Lily heads to the top of the staircase and bellows the information. Grace emerges from a door behind her and informs Lily that she doesn't have to scream.

Grace slips into her room, slightly surprised to find Rick there, clutching her pillows (go ahead and giggle; I did. But then, I'm three) but even more surprised to find that Lily is making her bed. Lily wants to know why the phone was tucked in it. Zoe slides open the door to the bathroom that adjoins their rooms, and tattles that Grace was "talking to that Spencer guy until midnight." Grace counters that it wasn't midnight. Zoe shoves her toothbrush in her mouth and insists that she "got up to pee; [she] saw a clock," before Grace slides the door closed on her. Grace tells Lily it was 11:32. Lily says that it's still too late, but Grace reminds her that she and Spencer "went through this crucible together. [They] can't just say everything [they] have to say to each other in a day." Grace returns to her initial question, and asks why Lily is making her bed. Rick finally drops the pillows and says he's going downstairs to get them some coffee. Lily tells Grace that Aaron's coming. "Tomorrow. You said tomorrow," Grace says, adding that she wanted to be there when Aaron arrived. Lily says that she should be home around four o'clock, then. Grace says that something might come up with Spencer -- he might need her -- but that she'll get home as soon as she can. Jake honks from the street, and Grace leaves. But not before smirking, "Feel free to make my bed any day." Lily follows her, wanting to say something, but Zoe pops out and stops her with a question: "Was Uncle Aaron always the way he is?" Lily answers, "No, he was wonderful once." She catches herself and, after a beat, adds, "Not that he isn't now."

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