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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

Grace is so relieved to get out of Sammlerville that she rushes over to Tiffany. Jessie returns to Rick's truck just after Grace leaves. Looking stunned but a little smug, Tiffany says to Grace, "Are you actually glad to see me?"

Cut to Lily at work in front of her computer. She's talking into her headset, asking Rick about their "ETA" because she needs to clean up, the house is a total mess. Rick cuts her off by asking, "So what?" Lily doesn't even blink but tells him he has to stop at the video place, too. He tells her they don't need a movie. So Lily asks if they "can talk toppings." She's decided to get stuff so that everyone can make their own pizza, because it'll be easier -- "than cooking a five-course meal?" Rick snarks. Hmm. Cranky and sarcastic -- who knew he had it in him? Sighing, he asks her "not to make a big deal out of it, Jessie's already a little..." Lily jumps in to ask if he's saying they shouldn't do it at all. He says she's not going to please everyone, so she should just stop "trying so hard." She asks what he meant, that "Jessie's already a little..." Rick's new backbone dissolves again, and he says that David has a question so he has to go. David's actually standing at Rick's desk to drop off a bottle of scotch. He handles it like it's a container of toxic sludge, so I'm guessing it's from Miles. Rick reads the card, which says "Thanks for working late this evening." David shoots Rick yet another bad, bad look, and Rick sets down the bottle with a thunk.

Meanwhile, back at the bookstore, Judy and Karen have gotten pretty tight. The two of them are sitting at the kid's table putting together Duplo blocks, and it's apparent that Karen's just finished unburdening herself about her relationship with the man-child. They agree that infatuation feels like an illness and Judy admits that her relationship is "more embarrassing" than Karen's. I'm not so sure "embarrassing" is the word for it -- shameful, wrong, icky, okay, but "embarrassing?" Too lightweight. Karen, in a surprising display of humor, asks, "What -- is he twelve years old?" Judy says that he's, um, er, ah "seeing someone else." Well, that's one way to describe being married. Judy says it's too bad Lily wasn't there -- "she's pretty great...except for how she's always standing in the way of [Judy's] happiness." The two share another little laugh.

Cut to Crusty (finally!), who's sitting at Lily's desk. Lily's been in the washroom, as she informs Crusty when asked. Crusty tells her some girl named Tiffany called and said not to worry about picking up the girls and something about talking to Zoe so she doesn't need to wear a rainhat anymore.

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Once and Again




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