Once and Again
A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

Meanwhile, school's out, and Rick's just pulled up to the curb to pick up Eli. He's telling Jessie, who's in the backseat, that he thinks she'll "like them." He tells her to ask Eli about Grace if she's curious. She says she's "not that curious." It's not going to be that easy, in other words.

Eli spots Grace walking along the sidewalk and calls out to her. She keeps walking, but he's persistent when he needs something and catches up to kinda sorta ask for her help with an essay that's already overdue. He can tell by her face that something is wrong, and won't let it drop. She finally says that she "just doesn't understand [his] friends, that's all." He asks if she's talking about his male friends or female friends, but then he remembers he doesn't have any female friends, so he asks if it's Cassidy's friends she's talking about. Grace tries to play it cool, but her face betrays her and he asks if it's about Cassidy. She says to forget it and starts to walk away, but she's got him all riled up and he just has to know what's up. He starts throwing out ridiculous suggestions: "Cassidy's really a man? Cassidy did her homework? Now that would shock me. Cassidy's not a real blonde, her hair's falling out, she's missing a few toes..." Grace is laughing by this time, so the next "ridiculous" suggestion catches her off-guard. "She slept with half the senior class," Eli says, and when Grace stops laughing, he knows he's getting warm. Grace says she has to go, but he won't let her. Reluctantly, Grace tells him that she "didn't even think it was true until [Cassidy's] stupid friends..." Eli looks like she just kicked him in the stomach. Rick calls Grace's name and breaks the tension. He's jogging across the lawn toward them and says he wants Grace to meet Jessie. Grace tries her best to squirm out of it, but to no avail. When they reach the truck, though, she's spared since Jessie's gone. While Rick scratches his head and wonders where Jessie could be, Grace starts searching for her escape.

Tiffany and Zoe are in the parking lot watching for Grace. Zoe's sitting in the window of the car, and Tiffany's leaning against the side. It's all very cozy. Zoe tells her that she's "getting a new sister, maybe," and fills in Tiffany about the situation between Rick and Lily. Tiffany asks if Zoe's mad at Grace, and Zoe says no, she just hates her. She asks Tiffany to hate her, too. Tiffany starts explaining that not everyone feels the same way about a person, and uses Drew Barrymore as an example. Like there are actually people in this world who don't like her. It's a concept almost beyond the grasp of both of them. Tiffany sees Grace and calls her name.

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Once and Again




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