Once and Again
A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

B/W Karen asks "I'm just supposed to watch while some other woman becomes involved with my kids? Just allow it?" Now may not be the time to point out that they're Rick's kids, too.

Karen and Rick bicker at one another a little longer, until they're interrupted by the phone. Guess who? It's peppy Lily, still flying on whatever she was on earlier. She starts chirping at Rick about big subs and chicken wings and asks if Jessie's a vegetarian (she is), blah blah blah badtimingcakes. Karen knows who's on the phone and starts to walk away. Rick stops her to remind her about Jessie's camp papers, which he's trying to sign will jiggling the phone and responding to Lily. He lets us know he's frazzled by dropping the phone. He hands Karen the papers and she stalks off. As Rick watches her leave, he tells Lily that they shouldn't go overboard. Lily says she's not, and he tells her she doesn't have to try so hard. Again, she says she's not, but now she's offended. She says, "Fine, [they'll] keep it simple," and hangs up on him. Is it just me, or is dinner turning out to be more trouble than it's worth? Whoever said the fastest way to a guy's heart is through his stomach obviously never had to deal with exes and other people's children.

Cut to the bookstore, where Karen's hesitantly opening the door. Judy's on the phone, saying she has to go because a customer just came in. Still flogging the old "what's a customer?" joke, she snarks that she's not making it up, and moves toward Karen, holding out the phone. She asks Karen to tell "him" that she's really in the store, but this craziness obviously falls outside of Karen's "parameters" because she backs away from the phone like it's a fungus. Judy says she has "to go, Sam." Pardon me, but did you say "SAM?" Just checking. From the tone of Judy's voice as she says good-bye, it's a good bet that it's not the first time he's called her since she dumped him. She hangs up decisively and says "wrong number." Karen declines Judy's offer to help her find a book.

B/W Karen says "I don't know Lily. I don't want to know Lily." Reeeeealy? So what are you doing in her bookstore, hmmm?

The real Karen tells Judy that she's Rick's ex-wife, and Judy's shocked. Karen says she does need a book after all, and asks for a copy of Saint Maybe. She also admits that she was looking for Lily. Judy tells her Lily doesn't work there anymore, but that she's Lily's "self-destructive sister." Karen officially introduces herself and they shake hands. Judy studies Karen with a look of wonder and says "You are not how I pictured you." It's clearly a compliment.

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Once and Again




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