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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

Well, now, that wasn't supposed to happen. The two stand there looking as blank as their IQs. Then they change tactics and throw their arms against the lockers, blocking Grace on either side. Are they kidding? Any sudden movement toward their faces, and I guarantee these two would stop drop and roll. I'm no fighter, but it's ridiculously obvious that they aren't either. While they've got Grace trapped, Generic Bitch One (or is it Two? I can't tell them apart) leans in and asks if Grace is African American, and then asks, "If [she's] not, then why was [she] dating one?" Hmm. A bigot who uses politically correct terminology. Grace looks from one to the other before answering: "I don't know. Why are you a messhuginah racist bitch?" And she gets right up in the messhuginah racist bitch's face as she says it. Go Grace! She moves to push past the little yellow one, but the blue one slams the locker again before moving really close to Grace. She says that Eli knows how much Grace likes him, and that he can get her to do anything. She says he laughs about it -- they all do. Then she tells Grace to forget about anything she's heard about Cassidy. All I know is, I'm glad I've seen the last of high school. Best years, my ass.

Cut to Miles still irritating Rick and David. The three men are sitting around a conference table eating take-out. Rick continues to humor Miles, and David leaves in disgust. Again. Miles gets his little helper (it's this woman who seems to follow him everywhere and never makes a peep) to assist him with his coat. Before he leaves, Miles reminds Rick that they agreed David would be out of the loop. Miles doesn't want to deal with him on any level. As soon as he sweeps out of the room, David comes back in to say that he hates the way Rick acts around Miles. Rick, becoming visibly more stressed every time we see him, points out that he's just "handling" a client who happens to represent a lot of money. He says he's sorry that Miles pushes David's buttons, but it doesn't affect him. As they bicker, Rick notices Karen hovering in the doorway. David makes to leave, but then pops back in to say one more thing that just can't wait: Not only does Miles make Rick look differently at David, he makes Rick doubt him. Then he goes and stays gone.

Karen's stopped by to get Jessie's camp papers, which need to be sent that day. Rick sifts through the many papers covering his desk. When he hands them to Karen, she asks if there's some reason why he didn't sign them. She says if he's uncertain about sending Jessie, or if he has some other plans... (she's trying to get him to fess up about Lily and the kids). Rick actually almost snaps. He tells Karen that he said he'd sign them, and he will, he just needs a minute to look at the dates. Seeing that Karen has a funny look on her face, he asks if he did something wrong. She tells him that she knows about the dinner plans with Lily. Rick tells her it's not a big deal -- the kids are "just going to share a pizza." She asks if he discussed it with them, and Rick is justifiably offended, snidely thanking her for the vote of confidence.

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Once and Again




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