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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

Cut to Naomi and Karen, eating take-out with chopsticks in Karen's office. Naomi's recounting her encounter with Lily, and it comes out that she didn't invite Lily to join the reading group because she asked Karen instead. Naomi complains that Lily never listens to her and that she's totally caught up in her own world. She bitches that Lily works Rick's name into EVERY conversation, and points out that Karen's seeing somebody, too, but she doesn't rub it in. Karen starts to stammer out an explanation for her reluctance to discuss her man-child, but Naomi's not listening. She cuts off Karen to continue her anti-Lily rant, behaving strikingly like Lily in the process, I might add. Naomi says it's totally crazy for Lily to throw herself from one messed-up relationship straight into another one. Karen interjects that everyone's a little out of control sometimes, clearly thinking of her own fling. But that doesn't stop Naomi, who barely pauses for breath as she says that Karen's not out of control, and even if she were, she'd never let it affect her kids. Looks like Naomi doesn't know as much as we do about Karen's Dr. Leo. Karen looks thoughtful for a moment, obviously remembering the dinner Leo shared with her kids, and then starts to say "It's not that easy to --" but Naomi's relentless in her imitation of Lily, interrupting Karen to say something about "dragging four kids into it" and trying to make one big happy family. Karen freezes Naomi's flapping jaw with a penetrating look -- it's clearly the first she's heard of the kids being involved. Naomi actually shuts the hell up for a few seconds as she realizes she just put her foot in it.

Cut to Jake sprawled on his couch with Tiffany perched near his head. She pulls a thermometer from his mouth and says "Okay, I may not believe in the flu, but according to [your temperature] you do." Um, how do you not believe in the flu? She pops up off the couch as Jake's muttering about a shrimp delivery and picking up the kids from school. She says she'll take care of everything (but she's not his girlfriend, right?) and mockingly says "Thank-you Tiffany. You're welcome Jake," while the sickie just lies on the couch staring blankly ahead.

Cut back to the high school. This time we're following the camera through a steamy gray locker room, and I already have the heebies. Nothing good ever comes out of those places, especially in high school. We see two members of Cassidy's herd walking down an aisle, and they're clearly looking for someone. They find Grace in the last row. Let me just point out that one of them has her hair pulled back in barrettes like a six-year-old, and they're wearing totally coordinated outfits. One has a blue belly shirt with a blue shirt tied around her waist, and the other one has the same ensemble but in yellow. They don't look especially threatening to me, but then again, I'm not in high school and intimidated by the popular people. As they sidle up to Grace, Generic Bitch One says, "Are you a lesbian?" Generic Bitch Two adds, "Because it looked kinda serious, between you and Jennifer today? In the hall?" I should add that they're the kind of girls who say everything as though it were a question. Generic Bitch One asks, "If it wasn't lesbianic [sic], what was the topic?" Grace takes a moment to consider her options, and then points out that "lesbianic" isn't a word. Unfortunately, these two girls don't care that they're stupid, so Grace's barb has little effect. Generic Bitch Two asks if Jennifer told her "a vicious lie about a really good friend of [theirs]. Because it's completely untrue." "Oh, it's that kind of lie," Grace retorts, but again, they don't care that they're imbeciles. I don't even think they get it. The two put on their menacing faces and tell Grace that if she spreads that lie, she'll be "quite... sorry." Oooh. What are they going to do? Coordinate her outfits until she begs for mercy? Still, Grace feels the weight of their threat for a moment and cowers against the lockers. Then she apparently realizes that these little mall-rat mafiaosos have a combined weight of about a hundred and six pounds. She straightens her spine, adjusts her sweater, and asks why they're so worried if it's completely untrue.

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Once and Again




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