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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

By the time Lily reaches Rick, he's back on the phone again. She gestures at him to call her later and he nods. She hops in her truck and pulls it alongside his. Still on her neurotic goon kick, she waves at him AGAIN and gestures AGAIN for him to call her. Rick gives her an exaggerated okay sign while mouthing "okay" big and slow, so she'll figure out that he's got it already. Meanwhile, Jessie's learning what it must feel like to be one of those lobsters in the tanks at seafood restaurants, as Zoe unabashedly stares at her. She knows who her new best friend will be. As Lily starts to pull away, Zoe says "So mom --" but she's cut off by Jessie saying, "We're having dinner with them?" to Rick. Rick and Lily smile at their respective offspring in their respective rearview mirrors. Zoe smiles excitedly while Jessie hangs her head.

After commercials, we return to find that Miles is still at Rick's office going over the plans. Which means, of course, that he's asking a lot of annoying questions that are meant to undermine Rick's authority and challenge his ability as an architect. At one point, he asks, "Why is this door here?" David, hovering around the edges of the meeting, says pointedly, "So people can leave." Miles ignores David, and asks whether the curved wall is an unconscious tribute to an architect who died recently, whose credo was "straight lines are the work of the devil." Apparently, the writers of this episode subscribe to the same belief. As Rick indulges Miles' musings, David gets more and more angry. He leaves the room, shooting Rick a look of contempt as he goes. Miles looks at his watch and asks if they should work through lunch. "Attaboy," he says when Rick unhappily agrees.

Cut to a high school hallway, where Grace is rummaging around in her locker. She's startled by a loud clang as someone pushes her locker door against the ones behind it. It's Eli's ex, Jennifer. While Grace recovers from her minor heart attack, Jennifer tells her she's really worried about Eli. She pulls Grace away from the baleful stares of Cassidy's cronies, who are standing a little way down the hall. Jennifer tells Grace that Cassidy is sleeping with someone else behind Eli's back. Grace pulls her arm free of Jennifer's grasp, and says she has to close her locker. She clearly doesn't want to get involved, but Jennifer's not letting her off the hook that easily. She reminds Grace that she knows what "these people" are like -- she used to be friends with them before Eli picked Cassidy over her. Grace asks why Jennifer doesn't just tell Eli herself. Duh! She's his ex-girlfriend, whom he dumped -- she doesn't exactly have credibility when it comes to slagging his new girlfriend. Jennifer tells Grace that Eli's not as confident as he acts, and that she doesn't "know what he'll do" if other people find out Cassidy's cheating before he does. Oooh, ominous...

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