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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

B/W Jessie says, "It's fine. I'll eat dinner with anyone. Except, sometimes, I'm not that hungry for dinner."

B/W Eli says "I sort of already know one of them. Kind of. So..."

B/W Grace then gives us her opinion: "I don't care. We can all have dinner together. I just don't know what we're all going to talk about." I notice that she's sporting a very fine lady's poly shirt, circa nineteen-seventy-four. Which I can appreciate, since my boyfriend deals in vintage clothing and I spend way too much time helping him.

Anyway, when we cut back to reality, Grace is grasping for conversation with Eli and asks him how English is going. He says it's not going "too good." If I were one of those anal English-major types, I'd point out that it's not surprising English doesn't seem to be going too well. But since I'm not, I won't. Over Grace's shoulder, Eli spots Cassidy in all her belly-baring glory and, helpless to resist all that exposed midriff, mutters a perfunctory "see ya" and floats on over to the Cassidy posse. I'd like to point out that Cassidy and her little herd are all wearing the same thing -- belly shirts with long-sleeved T's tied around their jeans. Their uniformity disturbs me. Clearly, they are not to be trusted.

Cut to Zoe, who's spotted Jessie in the truck ahead of her. She's watching Jessie watching Grace, and this whole storyline is turning into a colossal pain-in-the ass to recount. Grace takes off the cardigan and ties it around her waist. Trust me, this will matter later.

B/W Zoe says that she'd like to be in a family like Little Women, in which there's a choice of sisters. That way, she wouldn't be stuck with just one.

Lily hops back in the Explorer and Zoe asks her about Jessie. Lily starts to tell her a few things -- she mentions tae kwon do in particular -- but then she spots someone and hops back out of the truck. How does she ever make it to work on time? She's shouting "Naomi!" while jogging across the street and nearly getting splattered by a car. She catches up to Naomi, who's with another woman named Arlene. Naomi seems guarded with Lily. Lily notices a book in Naomi's arms, and grabs at it to see the title. The other woman holds up her own copy and tells Lily it's Saint Maybe. Lily's surprised that they're both reading the same book, until Arlene explains that it's for their reading group. Lily's face drops for a second, but she manages a weak "that's great." Arlene takes her leave, wishing Naomi a happy birthday as she goes. D'oh! Lily starts groveling, realizing that she forgot her friend's birthday. I'm having déja vu, here. Anyone remember when Naomi showed up at Lily's house for dinner, and Lily forgot that she'd invited her? Self-absorbed much? Naomi explains that she didn't tell Lily about the reading group because she thought it was the last thing Lily needed at the moment. I can tell she's lying to cover her ass, and she just didn't want to invite Lily, and I don't even need my patented cynic-vision to do so. I just happen to have my head out of my ass, unlike a certain self-absorbed soon-to-be-divorcee I could mention. So needless to say, Lily doesn't pick up on Naomi's "you suck" vibe, and suggests that they get together to celebrate Naomi's birthday. Naomi says she promised her kids they'd celebrate together, just as a family thing. She starts to say something else when Lily butts in to say, "What am I thinking? I can't get together -- I have plans with Rick." Somehow, Naomi finds enough restraint not to roll her eyes, but she does look as though Lily just pissed on her shoes. Lily rambles on saying she's all nervous and Naomi says that maybe they "shouldn't do... it... then." Her suggestion fizzles as she realizes Lily's not even listening to her -- she's just noticed that Rick is off his phone and says she's "gotta go grab him" as she dashes off. She tosses a "happy birthday" over her shoulder. Naomi says, "See ya." But you can tell she's not excited by the prospect.

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Once and Again




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