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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

A little later, Lily's in the kitchen, wearing her dad's cardigan. Since Phil was a portly guy, the sweater's pretty big on her. Zoe and Grace are getting breakfast, and Lily broaches the subject of dinner with Rick and his kids. A series of quick clips between her kitchen and Rick's follows. They're edited so that Rick and Lily finish one another's sentences as they pitch the idea to their respective broods. When it's all wrapped up, Eli tells Rick he doesn't know if he can go -- "Cassidy may have plans." Rick asks Jessie what she thinks and she says she has "to check with Cassidy. She may have plans." Rick tosses a paper towel at her head.

Back at Lily's place, Zoe dashes out of the kitchen to grab her rainhat, even though it's not raining. Seems she's worried about that hole in the ozone layer. Grace asks Lily if she can borrow her sweater, and starts pulling it off her while Lily weakly protests that it belonged to Phil. She asks Grace why she wants it and Grace tells her "to hide [her] butt, why does Lily think?" Lily asks if Grace is okay about meeting Rick's kids, and anxiously adds that it won't be a big deal. Grace impatiently tells her that she's "so over-explaining this" and swings out the back door.

Cut to the street in front of the high school, where Rick's dropping off Eli while talking to Miles on his cell phone. Lily pulls up behind his truck and pops out to say hi to him. Zoe spots Eli getting out of the truck and points him out to Grace. Grace acts like it's no big deal, and Zoe says she thought Grace liked him. Grace gets all defensive and shuts Zoe up by saying "You know, you could have skin cancer and not even know it." Zoe gapes and touches her face as the horror of the possibility grips her.

Meanwhile, Lily's so chipper I could slap her. No one should be happy in the morning. She gives Eli a big smiley hello and then taps on Rick's window. He's still tangling with Miles, trying to get him off the phone, so he can't talk to her. She waves at him like a goon and then taps on the glass to wave at Jessie in the back seat. What the hell is she on? Rick gestures through the window again that he can't talk to her. She was so busy grinning and waving that she apparently didn't notice it the first time he pointed at his phone, mouthed, "I can't talk," and rolled his eyes.

Standing on the curb, Eli spots his ex-girlfriend Jennifer getting dropped off, and their eyes meet for a second. He breaks the contact by turning and moving away. He sees Grace and seems really excited to chat with her, I suspect because he wants to avoid being cornered by Jennifer. Jessie intently watches Eli and Grace from the backseat.

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