Once and Again
A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

In Rick's living room, the kids are blissfully unaware that they're going to have to meet them after all. Jessie's working on her computer, and Eli's slouched in a chair looking all torn up. Rick comes in and tells them they're having dinner with Lily's kids after all. He leaves to "freshen his breath." Eli looks even more morose than he did a second ago, and Jessie asks him if he doesn't want to go. He says he just doesn't "particularly like Grace Manning very much." We-hell, she's not the one sleeping around on you, you poor misguided slob. Jessie is surprised to hear that his feelings have changed, and when he assures her that he doesn't think Grace is "great" or "wonderful" she gets all giddy and jumps on his back.

Eli seeks out Rick, who's gargling in the bathroom, to tell him he doesn't want to go to the Mannings'. Rick jangles the keys and says he needs him to drive.

Grace, walking past Zoe's room, spots the torn picture on the floor.

Rick and the kids pull up outside the Manning house, and we go through the same montage of clips that opened the show, except that everyone's moving at regular speed, the music is much peppier, and it has the feel of reality instead of a dream. Oh, and now we see that it's Grace who tapes up Zoe's torn picture.

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Once and Again




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