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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

Cut to Lily on Naomi's porch. Naomi calls "come in" and then throws open the door. Lily says, "I know you're ignoring it, but happy birthday anyway," and thrusts the gift at her with a big smile. That's not even close to what Naomi said about her birthday plans, but you can't blame Lily -- she was thinking of something more important (herself) when Naomi talked about her birthday. Naomi looks like what she'd really like for her birthday is a trap-door on her porch. A couple of women come out of a room behind her and call out that she forgot her champagne. Lily is hurt. Naomi tries to explain and, characteristically, Lily keeps interrupting until Naomi gets so exasperated that she just lets Lily have it. She asks, "When's the last time you asked me anything about me? When we talked about anything other than your problems?" Lily points out that it hasn't been an easy time for her, and Naomi acts all insulted and says she knows that, but it isn't exactly easy for her to hear about all the great sex Lily's having with her close friend's ex-husband. The exchange fizzles, and Lily unsmilingly holds out the gift for Naomi to take. Naomi asks her to bring it inside -- just so she can get a little closer to the party she wasn't invited to. Lily puts the gift on a table and then thrusts her hands into the pockets of her father's sweater. She pulls out a folded piece of paper on which Phil had written a note. It says, "GET GIFTS 4 KIDS" Lily looks as though she's just found the Rosetta Stone. Suddenly, the women in the other room become very loud and, from what they say, it's clear that they're Naomi's reading group. Lily's right by the doorway, and she peeks in just as one of the ladies asks Karen to read a passage. Karen looks up, and her eyes meet Lily's. Karen reads, "'I'd like you to meet the woman who's changed my life,' he said." She looks up at Lily again.

B/W Karen continues reading: "'Your -- what was that? OH your life!' And she tipped her head and smiled."

In the living room, Karen and Lily are still looking at one another. Lily smiles, and then moves to leave. B/W Lily moves into the screen where regular Lily left off. She picks up the book and sits down to read aloud: "And she tipped her head and smiled. After all, she might have said this was an ordinary occurrence. People changed other people's lives every day of the year. There was no call to make such a fuss about it."

Cut to Lily walking through Rick's darkened office, which is empty except for him. He's slumped in his chair, looking pensive. Lily launches into a big speech saying maybe they're not going to fast or too slow, as they always worry. Maybe things are happening exactly as they should. She asks if he believes in omens, he says no, and she says she doesn't either. Except that she does. She says she realizes now that she's got four kids in her life (just like the note said!). Ever since she and Rick hooked up, these kids have been part of her life whether they like it or not, and whether they even know it. Seeing the scotch bottle, she asks if he's been drinking (someone, please, slap the person who puts together the previews -- there was no alcoholism here, just as there was no bigotry on Jake's part a couple episodes ago, and I don't believe this show is so desperate for ratings that it has to stoop to sensationalizing its previews). Rick says not really, and that is that on the subject of Rick's implied alcoholism. He says that he's enjoyed keeping the kids outside their relationship -- that it's been like a room they're not allowed in -- but Lily says it's time to let them in. Rick looks at her for a moment and then scoots his chair across to the phone. After wiping a tear from his eye (really!) he picks up the phone and leaves a message for Miles saying that he'll see him on Monday. Dinner is back on, it seems. Lily puts her hand on Rick's shoulder and says they should just order pizza and keep it really simple.

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