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A Door, About To Open

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A Door, About To Open

Rick calls to tell Lily that he can't make it for dinner after all -- he has to work late. Lily seems relieved. Who wouldn't be after that little "pep talk" from Crusty? She says it can wait and then lies and says Crusty's screaming for her and she has to go.

Rick looks worn out as he hangs up the phone and takes another belt from his mug of the good stuff.

After commercials, we return to find Eli driving Rick's truck along a residential street. He sees a girl who looks like Cassidy (also blonde, also with a shirt tied around her waist -- what is it with that?) walk into her house with a guy. Eli is tormented.

Cut to Lily at home, bellowing for the girls to come downstairs. She spot's Phil's cardigan dumped on the floor of the foyer and picks it up while muttering under her breath. Zoe races down to show Lily the picture she made for Jessie. It's a picture of Jessie in her martial arts get-up with "awesome" and "cool" and other stuff all around her on the page. It's very sweet. Lily turns her attention back to a gift she's wrapping, and from the doorway Grace mentions that she's not feeling so good and asks Lily if "messhuginah means crazy." She remembers her grandpa calling people that, and Lily smiles fondly at the memory. Lily casually mentions to Zoe that it's nice she and Tiffany talked about the atmosphere. Then she says that she and Rick decided that night wasn't good for them to get everyone together. Zoe's upset and runs upstairs, but Grace is elated. Lily leaves to drop the gift at Naomi's house.

Cut to Jessie in Rick's bedroom, taking one of his sweaters from a drawer. She ties it around her waist as she saw Grace do earlier, and looks at herself in the mirror. She pulls off the sweater and dumps it in a chair before flopping onto the bed.

Zoe rips her picture in half and throws herself face-first onto her bed.

Rick calls and tells Jessie that dinner's off, and a huge smile spreads across her face. Rick hangs up, and David steps up to tell him he won't give him a ride home. He says he's leaving now, so that he doesn't "have to puke" later, when Miles gets there. Very mature. Then he goes on to say that, not only does it bother him that Rick doubts him when Miles is around, but Rick also doubts himself. He leaves, and Rick looks thoughtful. Or maybe he's just loaded from that single finger of scotch he poured himself.

Grace goes into the bathroom to brush her hair, and in the mirror notices that Zoe's flopped on her bed. She makes fun of how upset Zoe is, and says that Jessie may not be as nice as Zoe hopes. Zoe says "no matter what, she can't be any meaner than [Grace]."

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