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There's Nothing to Fix

Wow, the first actually good episode of the series! I feel like I should send flowers.

So Keeton, Brenner and Plastics come upon a boat that's become trapped in the rapids of the river; when the survivors are pulled out, one man has had his torso pretty well shredded by the boat propeller, and Keeton and Plastics work all day to keep the man alive. It looks like it's all going to be for naught, but Plastics hooks a tube up to his arm and transfuses a liter of his own blood to save the guy. Keeton can't help but be impressed by the commitment.

Meanwhile, Brenner goes back into the water to save a young man who's trapped and can't swim. She can't pull him out, and they both get swept out into the river. The guy panics and grabs onto Brenner, who is forced to shove him off of her lest she drown. She survives but is understandably haunted by having to send this guy off to his death.

Clark pulls Minard into helping her care for an obnoxious diabetic who gets under Minard's skin by poking at her for being the weirdo lady with no one in her life but her pet chicken. Minard and Clark manage to bond, though the patient dies, and Minard ends up throwing her fellow loner weirdo a totally awkward funeral.

Cole and Zee deal with an American couple adopting a South American baby, only the fever the baby has turns out to be leukemia. The woman -- already not all that certain about having children -- gets totally spooked, and when Zee offers them the chance to leave the baby with the orphanage and be done with it, she wants to take it. Her husband turns out to want the baby anyway, and he stays, but the whole thing gives Cole and Zee a chance to bond, and she tells him she can't have children.

Finally, Clark heads off to New York for her heart operation. At the last minute, Keeton decides to join her, and they fly off into the jungle. Surprisingly, nothing crashes.

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