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On the Mean Streets of San Miguel

Back to Mina, who is presiding over Abuelito, post-surgery. He's not able to speak when he wakes up, and he immediately moves to remove his trach tube. She's there to stop him, not out of malice or vengeance, but out of proper care. She's trying to ease him through the initial discomfort and panic of having a tube in his throat. But yes, when he makes a pointed move to take the tube out, knowing it'll mean his death by suffocation, she tells him she can't let him do that. She then admits to him that she didn't lose anyone in WWII, nor is she Jewish, which is a twist I liked. This isn't some personal crusade, this is Mina's own sense of justice, unwavering. Too often on Shonda's shows everybody's motivation for every little thing is so often chalked up to their own personal traumas that ... oh, wait, instead of chalking this up to the Holocaust, she's chalking it up to the kid she killed. Damn it. Basically: she can't let Herr Abuelito get off easy because she had a chance to get off easy for killing the kid, via family connections and an offer of a clean slate. She refused and came to the jungle, instead, to atone. Someone like Dr. Clark might argue Abuelito did the same thing, dedicating his life to children and education and all, but Mina's point seems to be that she's facing what she did, not hiding from it. Abuelito once more grabs for his throat, and Mina tells him, intensely but empathetically, "It's better if you just try to relax." Aw. I think that Nazi and that unpleasant woman are gonna be allllll right.

Later, Plastics looks on sadly as Alma and a for-no-real-reason-but-who-am-I-to-question shirtless Elan are being all pleasantly chatty in his recovery room. He waits around to talk to her when she leaves, and through their language barrier she manages to inquire about Elan's ... well, she points to Plastics' general crotch area, and he gets the message. "Muy bien!" he assures her. Elan's going to be muy bien. And with an exhale of relief, Alma begins to laugh. Plastics thinks she's crying to first, but eventually they're both laughing their ass off at poor Elan and his broken penis. Then? The worst thing happens. She moves in to kiss him on the cheek, only Plastics turns his head just slightly enough that she has to, like, detour around his mouth to plant a one on the side of his face. On one level, yeah, Plastics done misread the situation. On another level, if this is how Alma negotiates the choppy waters of attraction and romance, it's no wonder Elan wound up with a broken wiener.

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