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On the Mean Streets of San Miguel

Dr. Clark has gone and summoned Dr. Cole, and they both bust into Mina's OR -- holding masks on their faces but obviously not scrubbed in. Clark and Mina proceed to argue their cases in front of Judge Otis; Mina stresses that she's following basic medical procedure, which is true, but Clark's just as right when she says Mina's trying to punish Herr Abuelito for what he's done. "He doesn't get to die today when they're coming for him tomorrow!" Mina snaps. Clark and Cole both look at Mina all "A-HA!" but Mina goes on to say that he's been hiding out in paradise for 60 years. One more day and he gets the judgment he deserves. Clark says he won't live long enough to see trial, but Mina says people will at least see his face. And the families of the victims will know he didn't get away with it. Clark appeals to Cole one last time, but like before, he sides with Mina. "Try not to enjoy it so much," Clark huffs as she stomps off. (I sound pretty harsh on Clark, but in truth she's just as right as Mina is. Only Mina's way we get more Nazi intrigue, and this show could use it.)

Back in San Miguel, Lily's at her wit's end about the customs situation, so she's at the hospital, looking for Dr. Ben. She finds him at the bedside of a comatose woman who, it turns out, is the wife we'd all assumed was dead. Clever blocking means we never get a look at her face, which, as I mentioned in the recaplet, certainly makes it seem like the show is at least holding on to the possibility of reviving her at some point and having her show up like the ghost of Addison Montgomery. Not that this show is in any way similar to Grey's Anatomy. Anyway, Lily is so shocked that she hurtles us right into a commercial break.

When we return, Dr. Ben agitatedly (though not exactly angrily) gives Lily the lowdown on Unnamed Wife: she was shot in robbery five years ago and has been in a "minimally conscious state" ever since. Lily asks if Ryan knows, which doesn't seem entirely unreasonable given the secrecy surrounding today's excursion, but Ben says he's not that big of an ass. Lily leaps to his defense immediately, saying he's certainly not an ass but actually rather incredible for soldiering on the way he has. Ben shuts down the hero worship immediately with this bucket of cold water: he's kept her hooked up to machines for the last five years so he could continue to use her trust fund to bankroll the clinic. So there's that. He's no hero, he tells Lily; it's more complicated than that. He tells her to take the truck back to the Clinic; he'll stay the night.

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