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On the Mean Streets of San Miguel

Elsewhere, Lily seeks out Dr. Ben for a consult on leg infection lady, but instead she happens upon him macking on Dr. Clark and is freaked out. She heads to the pharmacy, where she tells Plastics, almost as an afterthought, that "Keeton's with Ryan." Okay, Lily, I see that the whole first name/last name thing is going to be an issue on this show, but maybe YOU could at least keep it consistent. Anyway, she also needs antibiotics for the staph infection that her patient clearly has. But Plastics is understandably hung up on the "Keeton's with Ryan" stuff. Mostly because it's such a bummer that Dr. Clark is off the market, though he acknowledges to a clenched Lily that he's not really good at the girl talk thing. He's saved from any more girl talk when Dr. Ben swings by, so Plastics bolts. After a moment or two of pointed silence, Lily explains that she's looking for medicine to give to Mrs. Ruiz. Rather than being, I don't know, concerned that his patient has developed a staph infection (an infection that, pardon my medical ignorance, is kind of wildly contagious, right? That'd be a pretty huge concern in a clinic like this, which can't exactly keep patients isolated all that effectively), Ben just keeps an eye on his clipboard and tells Lily that the medicine must be hung up in customs and she'll have to go to San Miguel to pick it up. He tells her he was already planning to see some patients out there on Friday; they'll go today instead. On a four-hour ride through the jungle. With Charlie there to translate. Sounds like hell.

Mina's examining the lesion sample with a microscope, and obviously it's not great news. She asks Dr. Clark what they do at the clinic for terminal patients, and Clark explains that they usually just send the patient home with pain meds, as there aren't really resources for hospice care. Mina elaborates that her patient has oral cancer, and it's progressed past the point of treatment. She looks sincere in her wish to do right by this patient, particularly given how beloved he is by all those children. Clark, knowing what she knows about Mina's bedside manner, gets the hint, and we cut to Clark breaking the news to Abuelito gently, while Mina watches, chiming in about how they don't recommend chemo in cases like his. Abuelito takes it pretty well, opting for a philosophical take and remarking that he's lived a long life. He has one request: that they take his gold fillings out of his mouth, and his gold jewelry too. "It's not mine," he says. Mina's sharp little face perks to that immediately, and she's like, "Took it from who?" Clark says he's just loopy from the morphine, but considering how quick Clark was to leap on an excuse, I wonder if she's not thinking the exact same things as Mina -- whose mind is processing the implications so fast I'm surprised you don't hear a cooling fan turn on in her head. "I took it ... from them," Abuelito goes on. "I did bad things." Clark tries to get Mina to leave him alone, but she's on the damn case now. She works back his story about coming here from Hungary 64 years ago. She can count backwards just fine. Abuelito, who really is looped, starts talking about Mina's resemblance to his late wife, while Mina keeps peppering him for his real name. He finally tells her: "Ich bin Karl Gustav Wolf," Abuelito says, followed by some German, of which all I can pick out is "SS." Given Mina's foreign language skills, I'm guessing that's all she can pick out too, but it's enough. She turns to Clark as the music kicks up: "He's a Nazi." Well NOW we're getting somewhere!

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