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Previously: Dr. Ben's wife was in a coma but her trust fund was not. Zee dumped Cole. Dr. Clark clearly had some sort of deadly ailment that she was hiding from everybody. Lily pulled a sexy bullet out of the sexy abdomen of sexy Mateo, then covered for him when the police came looking.

Currently, Plastics and Alma are making revolting kissy-faces at each other after an all-night game of checkers, which may be both literal and euphemism. Meanwhile, Lily and Mina are trekking to work and talking about how Mateo has been MIA since skipping out of the hospital. Lily insists that she's only concerned for him medically. Mina is dubious. Back with Plastics, his makeout session with Alma is interrupted by the arrival of her scowling dad, who looks like someone who would've tag-teamed with Captain Lou Albano back in the day. Alma tried to talk him down, in Spanish, so all Plastics can make out is "Americano." Alma kind of runs away and leaves Plastics alone with her dad. Then he runs away, which is smart.

At the clinic, Cole scowls at the late-arriving Gringo Brigade as he tries to deal with a patient with acute appendicitis. The man's a local but his wife is an American transplant -- they run the local lodge. Looks like they're going to have to operate, and Cole hauls the doctors out to go retrieve the usual pain meds. Out in the hall, Cole growls at them some more about being late and getting asses in gear and such. Once they're far enough behind Cole that it's safe, Plastics jokes that clearly someone isn't getting any. Lily and Mina tease Plastics about that clearly not being the case with him, but they're interrupted by Cole coming across broken glass in the hall. They all look into the pharmacy to find it completely ransacked. "No pain meds," Lily mutters, gobsmacked. "No antibiotics," Mina adds. Why that Grinch even stole the last can of Who hash! Plastics is darkly amused that they even stole the tongue depressors. Cole -- his mood decidedly not improved by this development -- grunts, "They took everything," followed by the promo-friendly, "We've been robbed, people!" TITLE CARD!

After making inventories across the clinic, the doctors re-convene to see what they have. It's not much, and Cole gets off the phone and says the chopper's busy with a bush crash so they won't be able to get them supplies until tonight. Dr. Ben is PISSED. He goes on kind of a blame carousel, noting that Cole was on duty last night (he says he was out front, these guys came in through the back), that Zee was supposed to lock the doors (she says the locks were cut off, so "don't start with me"), and finally he glares at Lily and says they could've used police protection last night. Zee explains that the cops aren't patrolling for them like they used to since they "harbored a fugitive." Lily sticks up for herself and says this is no one's fault. Cole agrees with her, so Ben's like, "Well, here we are regardless. Good luck treating your patients today," then leaves in a huff. Charming! Cole and Zee powwow over what's gotten into him, and they agree that the last time he got this way was when "Abby" (a.k.a. the wife) went comatose. Zee then resolves to see what botanicals she's got that could substitute for the meds, but Cole stops her for a moment with a hand on her hand. He says he misses her in his bed, to which she awkwardly tells him that she's got some herbs that can help him sleep. The open the doors on the clinic.

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