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Previously: plane crash, heart failure, waterfall sex, all leading up to the moment when Mateo held his arm out and invited Lily Brenner to behold the nocturnal beauty of his family's precious blow emporium.

Currently: we pick up Brenner and Mateo in the middle of a Murphy Brown-style rapid-fire political debate about the ethics of growing coca. Mateo: "It's a leaf! You could make herbal tea from it. Very, very potent herbal tea!" Brenner: "Poppycock and balderdash! You're a drug dealer and so's yer mom!" Mateo says that the police are trying to muscle him and his family off the land, and when Brenner's like "Um, because they should? Because they're the police?" Mateo counters that she thinks "just like an American." It's not like the police will shut the farm down. They'll just appropriate the plants -- and the profits -- for themselves. "I grew up on Nancy Regan," she offers, by way of explanation. Mateo gets that it's probably not going to work between them.

Back at the cantina, it's movie night, and Plastics is somehow less than thrilled with the choice of Splash. Not only because it's a billion years old, but Alma gets so caught up in it that she doesn't have any interest in the macking which Plastics so desperately needs. (Guess that whole celibacy thing was doomed to fail from the start.) When Daryl Hannah has to return to the ocean, leaving Tom Hanks all alone, Plastics tries to comfort a heartbroken Alma. (He could do so my mentioning their career trajectories since then, but he doesn't get that far.) She's too emotional, though, and pushes him away. I'm not sure Alma knows how to do movies.

The next morning, a harried Zee blames the rainy season for why she's got five mothers about to give birth today, while Cole smirks and partakes of his sno cone. So their dynamic is back to normal, then. Keeton comes by and hands Cole a case: trespassers got caught in a nearby mine. Zee's like, "Again?" and blames some Incan curse, while Cole takes the more pedestrian explanation that the fools were probably looking for gold. Cole grumbles that Keeton should be the one going, as he's the resident Indiana Jones. Keeton remarks that Cole's the one wearing the stupid hat. Check and mate, sir. Keeton then stares off outside, at Clark horsing around with some child. The concern on his face is obvious, and he tells Cole that she needs a heart transplant. He also looks like he's about half a second from hauling Clark inside, strapping her to a chair, and forcing her not to exert herself anymore, but for now, he's holding steady.

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