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127 Hours (Part 1 of 127)
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Previously: Zee was disappointed by Cole categorizing their relationship as "bang friends" (to paraphrase), Lily met hot-hot-hot local hottie Mateo, Plastics expressed regret over cutting his parents out of his life, and Mina held Cole's hand while he underwent dental surgery sans-drugs.

Currently: We get a big fakeout to start the show, as a seemingly serious all-doctors huddle about "giving it a shot" and "these are kids we're talking about here" turns out to be, of course, all about the beach soccer game that Team Clinic is participating in. They seem to be getting waxed by the local children, see. Of note: Cole picks up Mina in the middle of a play in what's half an encouraging hug and half a maneuver-her-out-of-my-way thing; Mina, as ever, doesn't like being touched. Because she is made of ice. Also of note: Clark appears to get winded after a little running around, though she brushes it off as nothing. Mmm, yeah, not on a medical show, it's not. Dr. Ben winds up lofting a ball towards Lily, and to her credit, she heads the ball into the goal ... giving the doctors a narrow 16-6 loss. I tell you what, that is some poor goalkeeping on BOTH sides.

Afterwards, Lily and her now-bent sunglasses suggest heading to the cantina tonight (as opposed to whatever else they do every night?), leading to Plastics teasing her about her "very sexy farmer" new boyfriend (Lily corrects him that Mateo's parents are the farmers). Mina notes the photo they took with the kids and how shocked her parents would be to see her with her arms around a kid "and not even wearing a haz-mat suit." Plastics says his parents would see the photo and just assume he's on a tropical vacay with his illegitimate children. Hey, props to any dad who would take his illegitimate children on a tropical vacation, Plastics! Mina then talks about how it's weird that Cole thinks they're hug-buddies ever since the tooth extraction. Mina, you may need to be reminded, is not a hugger. Mina does not truck with hugs. Mina's least favorite monster in Alien is the face-hugger. Charlie runs up and tells Plastics that Alma's over there and wants to talk to him. Plastics: "For what? All the amazing sex she's having with her stupid boyfriend because I fixed his penis?" I know I talk about how adorable Zach Gilford is every week, and how he manages to make a whiney jerk like Plastics seems unavoidably likeable, but I seriously could watch him grouse about other people's happiness all day. He tells Charlie to tell her "You're welcome," and when the girls raise eyebrows at him, he shrugs his shoulders and says he's got a whole celibacy thing going. It's helping with his focus. It certainly must be freeing up a lot of his time. Plastics' explanation of his cool new sexless life is interrupted by Dr. Ben calling for Mina and Plastics: "There's an A-plot out in the water!"

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