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Previously: Clinic robbed. Appendix burst. Cole took Minard (sorry, y'all; I fought the good fight, but this show's insistence on treating everybody like a softball team means we're going all last names) out to his old smack dealer to score something that would keep the patient sedated. While Clark and Keeton loaded the MedEvac chopper up with Julio (appendix), Lynn (wife), Felicia (insect bite with deadly paraside), and Xandra (sister, probably ditto), Brenner and hottie fugitive Mateo did it 'neath the waterfall. And then the MedEvac totally crashed.

Currently, Keeton calls in the emergency, while Clark, Zee, Cole, Plastics, Charlie, and Minard all load up the truck to head out to the crash site. Everybody is admirably calm considering the implications of the crash. After he hangs up, Keeton -- still holding onto some of that condescendingly perturbed attitude from last week -- wonders where the hell Brenner is.

Where Brenner is is afterglowing like a BOSS with Mateo by the waterfall. She invites him to the cantina for a drink, but he's not sure it's good for her to be seen with him, now that he's a wanted man. I'm not the only one who kept thinking we'd find out Mateo was married in this episode, right? They kind of cutely banter until Lily finally looks at her pager and gets the message about the MedEvac.

The rest of the team drives toward the crash site, with Keeton peppering Cole with questions about whether he's using again. Cole is annoyed as hell and denies it. We're spared another spin around this particular merry-go-round when Clark spots the downed chopper. As they disembark, Clark clings fiercely to the belief that everything's going to be fine; after putting those two girls on the plane herself, they kind of have to be. Plastics, meanwhile, orders Charlie to stay in the truck, away from danger but also away from the action. Charlie whines, but come on: who am I gonna side with here? At the chopper, Julio gets pulled out, while Lynn is able to walk away. Xandra tells Clark that her sister was thrown from the helicopter. Finally, the co-pilot is in pain, but he's more worried about the pilot, who he says hasn't spoken yet. He says he's not going anywhere until his buddy is okay, but Zee and Cole say otherwise. When they get to the pilot, Mendez, we see why he hasn't been so chatty, He's alive, but with a giant shard of metal pinning him to the seat. Cole says there's fuel leaking, which means this whole contraption could go up in flames at any time. Mendez orders the doctors to abandon him -- he's already crashed the chopper; he doesn't need three dead doctors on his conscience too. So they leave Mendez in the chopper and head back to the truck; on their way back, the chopper explodes, Mendez dies, and everybody marvels at what a selfless but necessary act that was. EXCEPT NO, because it's TV and everybody's a hero. The doctors are staying.

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