Who Murders Sleep

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Who Murders Sleep

Warning: This program contains adult language. But no nudity? Shit! Dammit!

Previously on Blue, Ricky had a nightmare about his sisters; Sip got advice about going out on a date; Ricky told Di that he wants to be with someone but doesn't want to hurt anyone (vague much?) and then he and Di KISSED EACH OTHER ON THE CHEEK!

Some hallelujah voices segue into pounding drums, which lead us around street scenes, which finally land us at Ricky's apartment. He's having another nightmare. Mary is awake, silently lying next to him. Ricky jerks awake and heads into the bathroom, sweaty and shaken. He turns on the water in the sink, sinking to his knees in front of it. He starts to whisper, "Please take this off me. I don't know what else to do...please, help me be normal." We see Mary out of bed now, standing outside the bathroom door and listening. Ricky shuts off the water and tries to compose himself. When he comes out of the bathroom, Mary is back in bed, eyes open. Ricky, sounding inches away from a breakdown, says, "Hi, Mary. Stay asleep, it's only twenty to five." He starts to get dressed and Mary asks, "Where are you going?" Ricky says, "I'm going for a walk. Stay asleep. Have a good day." Mary says, "Okay...you too." Then Ricky leaves and Mary cries noiselessly. Mary, give up now.

Woosh! Bloosh! The subway rushing at us symbolizes all our fears! The drums signify the pounding of our collective heart! The theme song and the credits are the theme song and the credits!

After the establishing shots of the gritty, gritty city, we arrive at an empty warehouse. Sip, solo, strides in and gets the exposition from a uniformed cop: A workman uncovered a skeleton stuffed behind a wall. The workman also went and bought a disposable camera so he could sell the gory photos to the tabloids. Charming. Sip powerfully moves over to where the remains lay. Another uniform starts providing some analysis for us: "Looks like she was what, eight years old?" The skeleton has a flowered dress on, and Sip notes a pin in her leg. The uniform continues blabbing: "How many decades ago did they start using pins in bones?" Sip has no patience for this and snaps, "Why?" The uniform, all pleased with himself, says, "'Cause that would provide the time frame for the murder!" Sip says, "Go back over there by the skeleton," and the humbled uniform obeys. The workman starts protesting, "I think I should be allowed to take a picture. If I hadn't found the thing no one would know about it. C'mon, I went and bought a camera! What about freedom of the press?" Sip, looking way disgusted, yells "Freedom of the press? SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!" YEAH! What paper do you work for, Excavated Walls Weekly? You are NOT "the press," buddy! Exploit the dead much? Sip charges out of there looking sick.

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