The Man With Two Right Shoes

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The Man With Two Right Shoes

Wait, what's this warning? Adult language and partial nudity! Woo hoo!

Last time on Blue, Diane crushes what's left of Kirkendall's love for her sleazy loser ex by telling her he's a mule on top of everything else; Ricky gets to call Mary by her first name now; and Katie and Sipowicz stand around trading Theo stories after her babysitting gig. She had to read Theo The Cat in the Hat five times, isn't that sweet? Aww.

Woosh bloosh, and the wavy camera work waves us over to Ricky's apartment, where Mary and Ricky are in bed together. If Blue were a sitcom, the audience would go "WOOOO!" at this, but this is a drama, so chill out. While Ricky quietly snores, his head on the pillow, Mary is checking out the little-kid art on the wall, that reads "To my brother Danny"; she has her feet on the pillow and her head on the foot of the bed. Ah, a little reverse-sleeping. Everyone's done it. Ricky wakes up and lets the camera do a neat double-take zooming between his head vs. her feet on the pillows vs. her head down there before he says, "Mornin'...this some kind of freaky-deek?" Mary shoots back, "I can work with you." Hee. The alarm goes off and Ricky says he heard Mary get up about five or six times in the night. Mary says something about "scoping an unfamiliar apartment out." Snoop! Ricky says "I count my utensils." Then Ricky says that his sisters drew the little-kid pictures. Going into sad-story mode (which I thought was a late-night thing, not a first-thing-in-the-morning thing), Ricky tells how his dad died when he was six and his mom sent the kids over to America from Norway to live with their aunt in Albany. Mary gets a look on her face like, wow, he's opening up to me about painful stuff! Score! "So am I your first Norwegian screw?" asks Ricky. Mary, on a roll, says, "Not even close." Then she said it was good Ricky says he kept the little-kid art from his sisters because they were presents. Then he goes, "Did you really give my place a good toss?" Yeah, she cased the joint, and soon will be sent down to the jug for it, all right? Bada-boom. Mary says she knows where he keeps the coffee, and asks if he'd like her to make him some. Ricky looks like he's in shock and says all deadpan, "You want to use my coffeemaker." What a tender, neglected guy! He's Never had anyone make him coffee before! Mary smiles the nicest smile yet and says, "You are so strange." I second that emotion, Mary. Ricky half-smiles and they kiss! Then Ricky takes off Mary's shirt and the camera waves down to give us a glimpse of the side of her boob! WOOOOO! Oops, sorry, forgot where I was.

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