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Stressed For Success

Sip starts his now-classic muttering to Di: "Lousy break. He confided to me a dream he had in which his sisters burned up." Di joins in, saying, "He said JB had burned up almost like it had happened to his sisters!" Sip asks where Ricky is now. Washing up, says Di. Just as I cross my fingers for another Ally McBeal moment between Ricky and Sip in the bathroom, Ricky appears. Sip says, "No one wants to give you a hard time." SURE you don't. Then Sip tells Ricky to take off and use some lost time. Not that he's "Dag Hammerschold" or anything. Oh my god, HE WAS PRESIDENT OF THE UN WHEN I WAS A KID! SIP, JOIN THIS DECADE! Ricky says he's going to "get a load on," and you know Sip is thrilled to hear that. "That's facing up to it." Ricky yells, "You ever see me inside a saloon?" I'm trying to remember...maybe that was a cowboy fantasy sequence in Silver Spoons. It's so easy to get these shows mixed up. Sip yells something about Ricky's getting help from booze and those "stupid paper clips...you're gonna lose all your normal friends!" Ricky says....everybody now: "ANYWAYS!"

Kirky comes into the coffee room, where Di is parked on the windowsill having coffee. I guess this is a break time, even though they chat very seriously about work. Kirky was just following the shoplifter around, apparently she is very bad at shoplifting. Plus her irresponsible husband really "pushes Laughlin's buttons. He comes in like Captain Crusader." Wow, is that a real superhero? Di dishes on Ricky: He's really upset about JB: "He seems so lost. He was crying, and says he didn't know how to live." Ooh, is that how you like 'em, Di? Lost and weepy? Oh my god, have we forgotten about Bobby for RICKY? I take back everything I said about wanting to see them together, okay? I'm SORRY.

A quiet piano plays and we get a dialogue-less montage with the bad-shoplifter-lady picking up her kids from child services, and Kirky putting one of the kids in the arms of the husband.

Kirky walks into Laughlin's office She says "hey"; he says, "how's it going." Then she's like, what up with your husband-bashing? He says, "You kiss up to him, treat him like he's got an ounce of responsibility." Kirky says she's worried about the kids. "If we improve the odds, they've got a fight." Laughlin blusters, "You think my concerns aren't as legitimate as yours? I am a veteran of that home life. Don't delegitimize my concerns." Kirky goes to leave and says she hopes they can help this family.

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