Stressed For Success

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Stressed For Success

Ricky shuffles in, limp and listless. He looks at Di. Di makes herself busy at her desk. Ricky drags himself upstairs. Sip starts to grumble and Di says, "Andy, STOP IT."

Ricky plops himself down by Mary's desk where she's out of uniform, busy shuffling papers, and breaks the news: "He's dead, JB. ODed. Someone burned him up." Mary shuffles her papers and says, "He chose what he wanted." Ricky looks away and says, "That wraps him up." Mary looks at Ricky's turned-away, wrinkly face and says, "You can't live other people's lives. It's just running away from your own life. We could be in each other's lives." Like dating each other? I though you were? Then Ricky says, and feel free to join in, "ANYWAYS." Then he leaves and Mary's head is reflected in the glass pane of her office. Be glad it's not her boob.

Beep, buzz, funky keyboards, station house. Ricky comes back down the stairs, looks at Di and looks away. Sip looks at Ricky and then looks away. Di doesn't look at Ricky. Ricky says, "He ODed, on B. In a hardware store. Then someone set the room on fire." Sip clears his throat and says sympathetically, "Arson should look at the building owner for setting the fire. They're gentrifying down there." Ricky gets all moist in the eye region and hurries into the coffee room. Sip starts muttering to Di, but she's following Ricky so only we hear, "Skel junkie has him dissolving in tears."

In the coffee room, Ricky is crying. Boo hoo, he loved JB! Or something. Di comes and says, "It's all right. " I hate when people say that when someone (or me) is crying. What's all right? If it's all right, why are there tears? Another thing I hate: "Shhh." Anyway, Ricky puts his head on Di's shoulder and blubbers, "He burned up! Just like my sisters." Di, confused, says, "They're alive?!" Ricky cries some more and says, "That's right. I don't know how to live!" Would you like that on your tombstone, you neurotic sweetie? Di makes a joke about having a manual at home. Ricky laughs and says, "I got your hair full of snot." Di says the only thing you can say in response to that, other than "eww." "That's nice!" Ricky says he was just kidding about the snot. "I was just saying what I was afraid of." Would that be getting snot in Di's hair, or not knowing how to live? He puts his head back on Di's shoulder. Di does not move away.

Medavoy carries in an armful of clear garment boxes. Michelle, Baldwin and the weird lady are following. They all go into the pokey to make the exchange of the beaded dresses. The weird lady presses herself up against the wire in the pokey, unable even to look at anything. She makes out a check for $1500 and says to Michelle, "I know you could have sold them for a lot more." Everyone is staring at the lady, pressed up against the pokey, as the says the dresses were her mother's favorites. "She had a cerebral incident, or accident. I think they mean incident. It was two weeks ago." Michelle says, "I'm sorry your mom died." Baldwin and Greg look shame-faced. I don't know why, but they do. It's awkward for them, I guess.

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