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Stressed For Success

Ricky rushes out, saying he's "gotta go some place," and "lost time" to John. Mos Def saunters out with two doughnuts (mmm, doughnuts) in his hands. Sip cracks, "Got all the doughnuts you need?" Two may be enough...for NOW. Mos Def takes a meta moment and reminds us all how mean Sip can be by saying, "What you need to do is be more respectful when you're talking about possible death, is what you have to do." Sip waves his hands like, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kirky comes up the steps with two little kids in tow, passing one off to a female detective so she can haul their mom up the steps too. She was arrested for shoplifting. Laughlin comes down the hall and starts yelling at the mom: "Did you leave your kids with that SOB?" And then to Kirky, "I'll give you the background." Kirky rolls her eyes and winces a bit at his ham-handedness.

In the pokey, Kirky asks, "What's going on in your head, taking your kids shoplifting?" Laughlin blusters, "It's the husband! Harvey. He's unemployed." He says it like it's a dread disease. The mom wants to go home, and Kirky's like, um, no? The mom starts to cry, saying, "Oh god, please don't bring him in! I don't want to be a bad person." Laughlin rushes out to bring in the husband and Kirky follows him, telling him not to go and rough up the husband. "What kind of night are you setting this woman up for?" Yeah, Kirky! It's PROTECT and serve!

Now we get a dialogue-less montage of Ricky exploring a yellow-taped crime scene of a charred, blackened store. He checks out a walled handed to him by a uniformed officer, then looks under a large yellow tarp. Then he leaves. The music is sad.

A weird lady, very reminiscent of Buggy Guy Gunther of the missing wife a few episodes ago, comes in and mumbles something to John about getting a call. Medavoy comes up behind her and yells, "How do you do!" The lady jumps a mile and trembles: "You left a message for me about recovering some stolen property?" Yeah, your dresses. She seems about as eager as a toll collector. Medavoy and Baldwin check her ID and stuff and she says she can come in when it's convenient for the other, dress-returning person. She doesn't even look at Baldwin, for pete's sake! It seems a little fishy and odd, but it's just a bunch of stupid DRESSES, for god's sake.

Laughlin hauls Harvey into the pokey. Kirky is waiting for him. "What'd she do now?" he asks. Stole stuff. Very melodramatically, he slams his hand down and says, "Ah! For god's sake!" Kirky says his kids are upstairs too. "I was just going to ask that!" he says. SURE you were. "They were with the klepto!" Laughlin seethes, "You hypocrite bastard. Were you looking for a job at the bottom of that rock and rye?" "Rock and rye"? What, was Harvey out drinking with Sip? What did they start with, Harvey Wallbangers? Kirky wants Harvey to agree to make an effort to keep his family together and to look for work. Harvey yells, "Was she complaining about that? Nobody likes being dragged down to a police station!" Laughlin yells back, "Nobody dragged you, asshole!" Kirky, struggling for control in the testes-charged atmosphere, says, "I take your point! In a gesture of good faith, I will drop the charges against your wife if you come in next week and show evidence of employment or places you've applied." Kirky just wants him to try. Harvey leans over conspiratorially and tells her, "I'm not gonna air my dirty laundry about who's dipping their oar deeper in this relationship, but it's me." Wow, couldn't he have mixed something about carrying weight or rowing a hoe into that metaphor? Kirky says she appreciates that. Harvey looks confused and says, "It's nice to be appreciated once in e while...that is the girl I married." Kirky says she's glad. Harvey looks even more confused. Glad? Wuh? What'd I do?

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