Stressed For Success

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Stressed For Success

Before on NYPD Blue...sorry, the tape I got didn't catch it. I bet it was all about JB singing doo-wop like Dion, though.

Ricky wakes up and finds JB gone from his apartment. One less to cook for, Mary! But she's not glad for that, and feels compelled to point out that JB's a "dope fiend." Yes, and is the sky blue today, Mary? People can be rehabilitated, you know. That's what Ricky hopes, anyway. Ricky is all in a rush to get dressed and look for JB and says that, in lieu of nagging, Mary should just "leave a long note." That's pretty good. Mary gives him the bird, sandwiched between her first and ring fingers and says, "Here's your note, read between the lines." Wow, I'd dump her now, Ricky. That's really rude, and juvenile too. Or maybe you'd prefer to punch and run?

Woosh! Bloosh! Subway! Credits! Pounding drums! Following the credits, a Chinese dragon dance!

Some gritty shots of the street flash behind more titles, which tell me rapper Mos Def will be appearing! Cool! Then, in walks Michelle Beecham, a vintage clothing shop owner. The shop is called Synchronicity, down the West Village, and OF COURSE John knows it and shopped there for last year's Halloween costume. Boy, he should write a gritty gay guidebook to NYC. Anyway, Michelle thinks she's bought stolen property, some beautiful beaded empire-waist dresses. Baldwin and Greg come over and take her statement. Some gal brought the dresses in, Michelle offered her $600 (a bargain), that gal asked her boyfriend, and then took the cash. Then, it seems, some kind of magical stolen-vintage-clothing-alarm went off, and she thought the dresses were stolen. Michelle has had the dresses for three weeks agonizing about it. Greg and Baldwin offer to run an inquiry and say they'll be in touch. John says, "You may have brought so much happiness into someone's life!" Then to Di, "YOU, in a beaded empire waist dress? Oh yes." YOU, gay? Oh yes.

Sip starts grumbling to Di. Why does he always bend her ear? Location, I bet. Di, MOVE DESKS. Like a big, owly fishwife, he whispers to Di, "Did you know he brought that junkie home?" Di's like, do I care? Sip's like, "Well he did!" In walks Ricky, ears on fire. "Hi!" Sip ignores him and goes to his fish tank. Ricky says to Di, like she's the mediator, "What's his problem?" Sip grumbles, "Where were you, out getting a hotel permit?" Ricky gets feisty and says, "Do I need your seal of approval who I reach out to? Feed your fish!"

In walks Mos Def, playing a junkie pal of JB's, named Leslie. "What's going on. Morning, Bozo." Hee hee, Mos Def scored off Sip! Sip ignores Mos Def's comment and says to Ricky, "The hostel's back open." Ricky takes Mos Def back to the coffee area where he fuels up and remarks that JB might need an "intervention" of sorts. Ricky flips out and screams, "He ODed!" The camera waves down to show Mos Def creaming and sugaring his coffee, and saying that he doesn't know "if someone stepped up" to help JB. Ricky snorts, "Well, we know you sure didn't."

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