Along Came Jones

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Along Came Jones

A HUGE shout-out to Wing Chun and everyone on the boards; sorry this is so late, guys. Thanks for hanging in and not complaining.

Another warning opens the show; not for nudity though. Rats. Where's that famous "Blue Moon"?

"Previously" on the show: Kirky used Jill's apartment to meet Don, fugitive and huge ass; Don the vile fugitive, STOLE BOBBY'S RING from Di's place; Kirky said, of the fleeing Don, "I feel he's out of my life"; and Denby, alkie cop, found Don's charred body in a dumpster, along with Bobby's ring, which Di promptly grabbed. Whew!

After the keyboards and drums get down and gritty as they do on Blue, we land right in the middle of a -- gasp -- crime scene with a -- hold on now -- dead body. Boy, police work never changes, does it? Medavoy comes up with Ricky and Sip, complaining that he's "a solo act" now that Martinez is off the show. Sip remarks that Medavoy looks like "ham without cheese." Hee hee! Medavoy says that he's a "solo act" AGAIN, and then they finally get to work looking at the body, shot and mugged right outside a drug store. The drug store shop-lady says she "didn't see anything." Thanks a lot, lady! Ricky dismisses her and she apologizes, crossing herself as she exits. Sip goes through the body's pockets; we get a nice shot of the gunshot wound, and we get a name for the body (Francis Xavier Collins), and wham! Sip discovers the DOA is a COP! Oh no! The rules change! Sip yells at the uniformed cop standing nearby, who then mumbles in protest that they aren't SUPPOSED to go through the pockets: "If we go through the pockets they break our balls." Oh, boo hoo, Uniform. Sip looks very grim and says, "I had a quarter feeling this was a cop." SURE you did.

Woosh! Bloosh! The drums pound and the keyboards wail! But wait! What's this? Hey! A NEW GUY in the credits! The very handsome Henry Simmons! Welcome! Boom boom boom go the drums!

After some gritty street scenes, we arrive at the office where Kirky is still stuck on Don, fishing for info from Di. Di's all like um, er...she knows Don has bit the big one. I could not be happier about this fact. But since Di is all sensitive and cares about her friend, she feels bad. Kirky says, all sad, "I assume Don has made it out of town or he would have reached out for more money." Di's all like, yeah...heh. Kirky looks up from her navel to comment, "Oh, you're wearing Bobby's ring. I never saw you do that before." Di's like, yup. Ooh, is that the phone? Hello?

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