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A Woman To Look After You
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I still hate the theme song, at least the part where it turns into Oz, but oh, how it makes my heart leap when I hear it. I am so smitten with this show! It's like a real-life goddamn love story. Jackie sits outside All Saints with Eleanor while she smokes, watching a man across the street about six floors up, wearing a fringed jacket and screaming with long hair and a beard, talking about how he's a God, how the whores better run, how nobody hides from the Almighty. "It's 9:15 AM!" he screams. Jackie shakes her head. "God's off his meds again."

Eleanor's wearing a sleek black suit and a black ascot with white polka-dots, looking awesome as usual. "Careful," she smirks, "Or he'll unleash a swarm of locusts." But on the upside, it would be a great time to start smoking again. "Nah," Jackie says. "I got kids." It's always something, Eleanor laughs, and Jackie mentions how they're probably going to send Grace to Immaculate Virgin. "Immaculate Virgin. That's a bit redundant, don't you think?" Jackie looks at her. "Dirty Virgin?" Eleanor suggests, but Jackie's not interested in sacrilege right now; not with God watching. Grace is found in silence. Grace is always quiet.

"It's four grand if we join the Parish," Jackie sighs tiredly, "Seven if we don't." Eleanor points out -- all humility aside -- that she's "bulletproof," even in this economy, and before Jackie can protest, she asks to at least get the words out first: "If you like, I'll pay for the girls' school." Jackie thanks her, but points out in a very serious tone that Kevin would blow a gasket.

They stand up and Jackie points at Eleanor's feet: two very different, very expensive shoes. "Everything all right?" Eleanor laughs: "What, because my shoes don't match? Please." She remembers to thank Jackie for asking, and heads inside. Jackie watches her go. This is her whole job, locating trauma and doing triage. Her phone rings, throwing her off track: it's a text from Eddie. Got something 4 U.

"Hey! Hey, you! I am God! And you are an asshole!" She smiles and heads inside: she already knew that. "Go in peace! You pieces of shit!"

A billion nurses and doctors go running past Thor, so he assumes there's cake. But instead of cake, there's multiple stab wounds and difficulty breathing. "I can imagine," says Eleanor grimly. "Oh. Ew," says Thor, and leaves. A woman enters the ER and tells Eleanor the guy is 33, she thinks. He's a big guy; there's a steak knife sticking out of his chest and blood all over. "We work nights. He took me for breakfast... It was going so good..." Zoey nods sagely: "So you stabbed him." Um, no, you lunatic. "My ex did! He followed us. I had a restraining order..." Zoey shakes her head: her cousin had one of those. "They don't always work." Jackie ushers her out of the room, weirded out as usual.

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Nurse Jackie




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