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"You spend enough time in one place," Jackie voiceovers at the nurse station, "and you know the answers to questions that you never even asked." She watches everybody walk by: "Why are Manny's scrubs wrinkled? He is dressing out of the hamper, cycling off his antidepressants." She sighs and thinks to herself: "It's not like I want to know this stuff. I just do. And it's not always bad: This will be O'Hara, and that coffee? Is for me." This last, as Eleanor walks briskly through the crowd, with a sweet satisfaction.

A kid comes in having fallen off some playground equipment, and Jackie and Mo-Mo get him into a bed. His mom and twin brother stand by, terrified, while Mo-Mo bitches about how in Central Park even the ground is soft, but the Alphabets gets monkey bars and concrete. Eleanor appears, shining and proud, and Zoey takes the mom and brother out. "Please wait behind the yellow line," she says, promising the physicians will give them all the knowledge they can, when they have it. Out on the floor, Dr. Cooper appears, cheering: "I've got a gunshot, I've got a gunshot!" Zoey jumps between the mother and Coop, trying to explain: "He's just happy..." The mom's kind of horrified, so she tries again: "Wait, no. He's interest... He's excited... He's interested to experience the, um... the challenge... of a bullet wound." Giving up on mom, she hunkers down and grins at the kid: "There's waffles? In the cafeteria today?"

Eleanor listens to the boy's chest while Jackie and Mo-Mo work around her, without speaking. She and Eleanor work well together, complimentary as usual. Eleanor drains his collapsed lung smoothly, and they grin. "I've been around the block, too, you know. In a nicer car, of course." Mo-Mo and Jackie wink about her, and Mo-Mo takes the boy's hand. "Hang in there, little man."

In the hall, Zoey's reassuring them when Eleanor appears, and there are introductions. Justin's the healthy twin; Jackie guesses correctly that he is the eldest son, by eight minutes. She and Zoey agree that he looks older. The boy in the bed just looks small. Eleanor explains the case to them -- collapsed lung, now stabilized -- and that he's now going for a CAT scan, to rule out a litany of horrors, each one taking a little chunk out of her. "Brain damage, spinal cord injury, internal bleeding, that sort of thing." She leaves as Jackie mouths, It's not that bad, and once she's gone Jackie promises them that O'Hara's the best. She leaves them with Zoey, and at the nurse's station speaks silently again, to Zoey: Give them a hug. Hug them. She does, wrapping her arms around them both.

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Nurse Jackie




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