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Drunk Leona Rules

They get back to the story, which resumes on September 10th. Marcia Gay Harden reminds Don that they had another story creeping up on them, which seems like a weird thing to say except to give the audience a sneak peek of what's ahead and is one of the annoying things about setting this show in the recent past. Anyway, Don explains that every staff member below producer takes a turn going through the overnight book, which is a giant stack of papers (papers? Really? In this day and age?) with everything that happened overnight. I guess the person is supposed to go through it and pull out anything that might be interesting or relevant for their own broadcast that night. Seems like a pretty important job. It's Neal's turn to do it. I am so confused about Neal's role in this organization. It seems that Neal is too, because after he reluctantly accepts the giant stack of papers (which isn't even rubber banded together), he quickly passes the task off to the intern. You know, the one intern? The one who asked Will the question that started off the entire series? That one. Anyway, Neal tells her to go through the stack and separate it into four piles: "Knew that, didn't know that, don't care and Shakira. That last one's just for me." Jeez, Neal. Jerk off on your own time. Also, is it a normal thing to pass this task off on an intern? She doesn't seem to have done it before; on the other hand, Maggie's sitting right there and she doesn't even blink so who knows?

Mac calls Neal over and it's time for the "Mac is a ditzy lady who doesn't understand the Internet despite having reached a high level in her profession" segment of the evening. Mac is concerned that the Pentagon hasn't responded to their story yet, and she asks Neal if it's possible they did it as a wizard or something? Yes, the Pentagon is going to start releasing official statements on Steam. I don't know why the show insists on making Mac look like a fool. If she were really this dumb/technophobic, she could never have become the executive producer of the network's main news show, and yet… there you are. Mac tells Neal to do the book and not farm it out to an intern, but Neal says he's delegating. She doesn't seem too upset; I'm sure it's fine.

Will pops his head into Charlie's office to find out the ratings for the special. They're like twice what Will expected and his response is, "Shut the fuck up." I really loved Jeff Daniels's line reading on that. I like him as an actor. I just hate his character. Will and Charlie congratulate one another. Will is giggling with joy; Charlie is not so happy, because he's worried about the call from the general. Will assures him that it happened fast, and the general's not a young guy and besides, they've got the raw footage. And it's not like anyone would ever edit that, RIGHT JERRY??

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