Red Team III

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Drunk Leona Rules

As the show ends, Charlie starts to pour himself (another?) drink but his assistant interrupts and says that there's a phone call from the general. Cut to Charlie in Will's office, telling Will and Mac that the general is claiming that his words were edited, but Charlie isn't worried, because lots of people get cold feet after interviews. Mac reminds everyone in the room that they have it on film, and asks Charlie to tell the general that she's going to go look at the raw footage again and the general can watch it too, if he wants. Charlie leaves Will's office, still trying to convince himself that they expected pushback like this after the report aired.

Mac doesn't get right on looking at that raw footage, because first she's going to banter with Will as well as demonstrate that she knows nothing about sports. Will's watching a college football game and Mac asks about the play clock. Will takes the chance to get a shot in at soccer, which Mac would rightly call football but then this conversation would be confusing. Mac asks the most unlikely question ever: she asks if any other sports enforce the rate of play. This allows Will to lecture her on all of the sports that have shot clocks, including basketball. Gee, do you think that might come up later? Good thing Mac asked that question that seemed weird and out-of-context and clunky. Then Mac continues to act dumb about sports because girls couldn't possibly and I'm out. But not before Will asks for more reassurance that their reporting was good.

Back to the conference room with the lawyers. Don tells them that he thought the DOD would have a response on their website by midnight, but they didn't. Before that can be pursued further, Maggie interrupts to give Don some papers. This is the version of Maggie that looks like PaRappa the Rapper. Once she's out of the room, Marcia Gay Harden asks Don if Maggie's testimony can be trusted, given her condition. Don assures her that Maggie doesn't have a condition, and she'd say she wasn't sure if she wasn't sure. Marcia Gay Harden gets in a poke about Don and Maggie's previous relationship and she sure seems interested in that business, which I don't know would be ruled relevant in a court of law. Anyway, Don changes the subject to say that the president will be re-elected the next day, according to the poll data Maggie just gave him. Then Don shows off his big brains by talking about some of the smaller races and reciting one guy's long-winded resignation statement. Man, Don's almost as much of a windbag as Will.

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