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They went through the evidence four more times or so (and why the change to past tense now? Why not, "We go through the evidence about four more times"? I guess I just don't understand script writing. I mean, I am a woman and all.) Anyway, Charlie says he's ready to run the story, Jerry obviously agrees and Mac agrees too. Jim doesn't think it feels right and Jerry gets all penis-y about it. Like did sarin gas steal your baby, Jerry? Why do you care so MUCH about this story? Especially since YOU KNOW you cooked the evidence, and the general will watch it and he will out you. Right? I will save that rant for later.

Sloan and Neal quickly take Jim's side. Jerry protests that Neal should be a fan of logic, and Neal says he doesn't think this many people could keep this secret. This is why I think nearly all conspiracies are bullshit. People are so quick to ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity (or random chance) as the saying goes. Although I prefer the British "cock-up before conspiracy" phrase because it sounds racy. Anyway, Jim says that he knows "these guys," I guess meaning that "these guys" wouldn't gas civilians, and he has to give them some moral credit for volunteering to fight a war he himself wouldn't do, and neither would Jerry. So Jerry has to drag Lynndie England into the whole thing (but doesn't know her name because he's a dummy) (although she is also a dummy) to validate his point that some soldiers are bad people. Like some random soldier made the decision to use sarin, if it was used? Um, I think you might want to go up a few levels, dude. Anyway, Jerry brings up all of the other awful things our military has done and accuses Jim of being "one of the Andrews sisters." Seriously? That's a reference that Aaron Sorkin thinks that a maybe 40-year-old male would make in 2013? The ANDREWS FUCKING SISTERS? Oh, Lord have mercy.

Anyway, Jim tries to explain why it doesn't feel right, but Jerry keeps interrupting, probably because he doesn't want his stupid ruse to be discovered before the story airs… because it's better if it's discovered after the story airs? I mean, what is Jerry's end game exactly? Jerry thinks Jim's making it personal. Jim says it is actually personal; he doesn't know Jerry, so he doesn't trust him. Jerry runs through his bona fides. Oh, Jerry. You're so desperate for approval.

Mac wants to know what Don thinks, and Don says he trusts Jim's gut, but he has another concern, which he has already addressed with Mac. Don is worried that running this story might put troops in danger and even extend the war. Jerry points out that Don is proposing they shelve a story about chemical weapons because it might be dangerous, like chemical weapons aren't. Don says, "The needs of the many." It does kind of feel like Jerry is trying to bully everyone into compliance; I don't know how these Red Teams are supposed to work, but I'm guessing this isn't it. Sloan mentions the upcoming election, which is dumb. Of all the myriad reasons to shelve the story, I don't think the election should be one.

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