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Neal goes on to explain that the random Twitter user he found was the third step (and I don't even see how that counts as a step because it's so shaky) and the story about the NGO shutting down was the fourth step (again, shaky). And finally, the helo manifest that Charlie got from an anonymous source was the fifth step. They all seem really confident that, just because there was something in the payload that was classified, it must have been sarin. And that the helo manifest is legit. And that Charlie's source is legit. Man, Marcia Gay Harden is right. There are a ton of holes in this story. Marcia Gay Harden asks Neal how he felt about the evidence thus far and Neal demurs, claiming that he's not an investigative journalist so he's not qualified to make that judgment. See? I'm saying. Anyway, Marcia Gay Harden gets pissed because if he's on the team, he's qualified and he can't state that he's not in court. Are they prepping for court now or still doing discovery? Does she want him to tell her the truth or spin it? She needs to make up her mind. Anyway, Neal says he was qualified to "chase the tweets" (which isn't even a thing that people do) and that's it.

Marcia Gay Harden wants to move on to the interview with Ret. General Stomtonovich (a.k.a. Jimmy Johnson). So we're back in Red Team III, watching the interview with everyone else and being incredibly distracted by the TV screen behind the blacked-out general, which is showing a basketball game. Stomtonovich is confirming that the US missed the deadline for getting rid of chemical weapons (and how do you get rid of them? You can't even pour leftover prescription pills in the toilet for fear of creating a school of stoner fish). The distracting basketball annoys Don, so he speaks up and Jerry says he'll blur it out, and he didn't have a choice if he also wanted the medals and whatnot in the shot. You couldn't move them? That seems pretty lame for a news organization of this magnitude. Do a little set dressing, dude. The guy agreed to wear his uniform; he obviously understands the importance of a visual. Also, gee, I wonder if the basketball will be important later.

And now the final piece of the puzzle is the previously-thought-dead Herman Valenzuela, who was the crew chief on the mission. Mac interviewed him and he confirms pretty much every thing Sweeney said. And now Sloan is talking to the lawyers. It's weird how they all state everything in the current tense: "The presentation is over and Will's just heard everything for the first time." Anyway, Will, having heard all of the evidence, says that he had a hunch. Everyone is like, "WHUH?" Will says he heard the same story, because he has a source who is "reliable" and "in a position to know." If Will heard this story, why didn't HE bring it to the news division and suggest they start investigating it. It kind of seems like he was keeping this information in reserve, just so he could seem like a cool guy when someone else brought it up like, "Oh, I already knew that." Great journalism, dude. Marcia Gay Harden wants to know if anyone in the room thought to ask if Charlie's source and Will's source was the same person, because they are. Sloan tries to say it didn't matter because the story was a go without it, but Marcia Gay Harden gets her to admit that it made her more confident in the story.

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