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Drunk Leona Rules

And they do flash back to Jerry walking the Red Team through the evidence again, but then we flash forward (sideways?) to Jim talking to the lawyers. Jim's hair is ridiculous. I mean, it's been ridiculous all season, to the point where I couldn't believe the network would let him report on Romney on air with that dead cat on his head, but now it's even worse if that's possible. I know everyone's talking about Maggie's butcher job, but Jim's hair isn't any better. Anyway, Jim tells the lawyers that the story began when Jerry got a tip from Cyrus West, who had just appeared on Newsnight. Jim chuckles that West is known as "a guy with ambition" and while Jim can't name what kind of ambition, it's clear that West just wants to be famous and doesn't really care how it happens. And then they run through everything we already know: Jim wasn't around to offer up his opinion on West because he was covering the Romney campaign, and also recovering from Maggie moving in with Don. The lawyers already know all this. Marcia Gay Harden says that's why Jim wasn't there to do his job. I think he was doing his job? It's a little weird to claim that Jim should be responsible for covering the Romney campaign and then also serving as Mac's conscience or whatever? Yes, if Jim had been there he would have said something. But he wasn't there, so someone else should have said something. Is Jim the only one who knows the scuttlebutt on various talking heads at the entire network?

But now Marcia Gay Harden wants to go back to what happened in Red Team III, which is good, since that's the title of the episode. Jim relays that the tip was the first step and then the second was an interview with Eric Sweeney. Cut to Jerry presenting the Sweeney interview at Red Team III, where Sweeney tells the story about how sarin gas was used by the US.

But instead of seeing the actual evidence, let's hear it third-hand from someone who's not even a journalist, okay? So Neal is now talking to the lawyers. Don't get me wrong; Neal is one of my favorite characters on the show. But I don't see why it's his job, as webmaster, to adhere to journalistic ethics. Then again, Sorkin fears/hates the Internet so I guess to him guys like Neal have all of the power in the world. Neal explains what Sweeney said in the interview: Intel learned that two Marine POWs had been smuggled into Pakistan for a public beheading. The first rescue unit was overwhelmed and the second unit dropped sarin. We see Sweeney explain how he saw civilians reacting (choking, screaming) and asked later why they reacted that way to white phosphorus. That's when he was told, "It wasn't the Willie Pete. It was sarin." Another example of Sorkin loving job-specific terminology: Willie Pete. Neal says that they'd all seen the tape many times, but Will hadn't seen it until now, so they all looked for his reaction and he was stone-faced. Because Will is a PROFESSIONAL. Also, he was probably on pain medication or maybe calculating various baseball statistics in his head because he is a MAN who loves SPORTS and is also a GENIUS.

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