Red Team III

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Drunk Leona Rules

The entire staff is standing in Will's office to pitch him on the idea that the demonstrations in Benghazi are not because of a movie, but they are, in fact, a terrorist attack. They lay out the evidence for Will. Of course, we know that they're right but that's irrelevant. Will takes the opportunity to take a cheap shot at the intern for no reason because he's a dick and she's a girl and has to take it. Mac walks in and Will starts to summarize their discussion until he realizes that she's barely holding back tears. She says that they have to retract Genoa, the whole story. Then she starts quietly crying and wiggling around like she's going to pee her pants while the whole staff just looks down, probably embarrassed for her.

Will tells the lawyers that they retracted the story that night instead of reporting on Benghazi, because they no longer trusted themselves or their sources. Will and Marcia Gay Harden wrap up the loose ends: the marines were wearing MOPP suits in case the enemy used biological weapons, the white phosphorus was just marking targets and Hamni8 didn't die, unless you consider losing your cell phone akin to death. Will says that it was institutional failure, and he and Mac and Charlie are going to resign after their election coverage the next night. Marcia Gay Harden is sad but doesn’t try to talk him out of it. She's probably worried that he'll start giving her another history lecture.

Charlie, Will, and Mac are waiting for Leona in a restaurant? Her office? Her office restaurant? I don't know where the hell they are. Anyway, Leona makes a grand entrance in an evening gown and says that she just spent a ton of money on a movie premiere to try to meet Daniel Craig, but it didn't work. Anyway, Jane Fonda continues to think she's in a completely different show, perhaps something from the '40s. She's obviously a fine actress but she's chewing the scenery in a big way in this scene.

Charlie says they're going to resign because their network's trust numbers are fatal, and firing Jerry clearly wasn't enough. Then Jane Fonda calls Mac "McMac" a bunch of times and says that this was all Jerry's fault, not their. She's mad that Jerry came into her "hizzy" (no, she really says that) and cooked footage, and then she tells Will to shut the fuck up which I enjoyed greatly. I mean, I love Jane Fonda and this character, but she just seems out of place. Anyway, Charlie accuses Leona of being stoned, which seems like a weird thing to say to your boss, but I guess he's resigning anyway.

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