Red Team III

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Drunk Leona Rules

Ugh, then Will talks to the lawyers. Oh, did I say talk? Will gives a history lesson to the lawyers who could give zero fucks because they're billing by the hour so if they have to sit through Will's masturbatory lecture, so be it. Meanwhile, the newsroom is abuzz on September 11, 2012 about riots and demonstrations in Egypt potentially over a movie about Muslims. Neal catches his snap (with an assist from the intern) and remembers the Terry Jones item in the book. The newsroom comes to life. This is the part of the show I like; when they actually show how the newsroom works during a story. They're all trading information and doing research and trying to get enough information to go to air about these demonstrations. Meanwhile, Will is still lecturing about Rosa Parks, FDR and the Challenger disaster. No, that's seriously what he's telling the lawyers about.

Cut back to the newsroom. Mac and Sloan are out there gathering information as well, and in the middle of watching the video that generated the demonstrations, Mac is interrupted by a maintenance type, who is delivering a clock that she plans to use to get Will to end his segments on time. They… don't already have something like that? Anyway, as everyone else huddles around a monitor, Mac is entranced by the clock. It's like she was having a conversation about clocks earlier and this is sparking something in her brain. If only I were a man, I'm sure I would be able to figure out what it is. Instead, I'm trying to decipher a note from a boy.

Will is fah-hinally wrapping up his lecture, and I guess it was all to prove that huge events can be sparked by one small thing going wrong. Meanwhile, Mac heads to the editing bay and checks out Jerry's footage. Remember the shot clock? On basketball game? You see, basketball as a sport was invented by James Naismith in Massachusetts when he nailed peach baskets to poles and had his players try to toss a ball in there. Sorry, I turned into Will for a second. Anyway, Mac notices that the time on the shot clock on the basketball game over the general's shoulder jumps around. In the raw footage. Of course, the show doesn't trust the viewers to make the connection despite the big, booming hints that have been dropped and they have to zoom way in on the shot clock. Ooh, Jerry. You busted.

Mac runs into Jerry as he's exiting the elevator and tells him that he forgot about the shot clock, and that it jumped around in the so-called raw footage. Jerry ponders his options and then his defense is that the general said it before the cameras rolled. Did this guy go to journalism school or even take Journalism 101? And in all the time he's had since the interview, he couldn't come up with a better excuse for when he did inevitably get busted? Anyway, Jerry yells about it for a while and Mac says that no one will believe them again. Jerry lawyers up because he knows he's fired.

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