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Drunk Leona Rules

That takes us to Elliott's show that night. Remember Elliott? The guy whose show comes on after Will's? Don's his producer? Anyway, Sloan says that Elliott was the only one who hadn't gotten "dirty with Genoa yet." So they don't want Elliott to have plausible deniability when the story falls apart? Even though they're sure that’s not going to happen, per the previous scene? This makes no sense to me. Anyway, Elliott interviews Sweeney, the guy who started this whole rigmarole. As we watch the interview, Don and Sloan watch from the control room. Why is Sloan there? To watch Don work? Sloan is worried about the DOD's statement and jokes that she'd do well in jail and Don wouldn't, because she has a marketable skill (accounting) and Don doesn't. She's not wrong. In fact, I wish Olivia Munn was on Orange is the New Black instead of this dumb show. Sloan wants to continue parsing the DOD's statement and Don accuses her of acting like a teenager decoding a note from a boy. And while yes, teenage girls do spend a lot of time decoding notes from boys, it's quite condescending for Don to talk to Sloan that way and I wish JUST ONCE one of the women on this show would call out the male characters for their smarmy sexism. Just once, can't Sloan tell Don, "Look, I have more degrees than you have chest hairs so please don't talk to me like I'm an adolescent with more hormones than brain cells." Just once.

Anyway, that's not going to happen due to one Aaron Benjamin Sorkin so let's get back to Elliott's show. Sweeney is talking about this one time? In Afghanistan? When his Humvee got blown apart and he sustained a traumatic brain injury or TBI? Cue record scratch. WHUH? So their whole report hinged on the testimony of a dude with a banged-up brain? Don panics and orders Elliott to dump out of the interview, so he does.

Will's at home, sitting at his dining room table, staring off into space. Who relaxes at home at their dining room table? Weird. Anyway, Mac calls and says there's a problem with the story and Will says that he knows. So does everyone else, since Charlie has called them all in the middle of the night to assemble in the conference room again. Charlie enters late and goes into this long story about how there was a deer in the road. This is such a weird detail that you'd think it would come up later. Nope.

Mac starts interrogating Jerry to find out why they didn't know about the TBI. Jerry keeps talking over her, but Mac doesn't give an inch and Jerry admits that Sweeney got two purple hearts, but he lied about the origins of the second one and military medical records are sealed, so they couldn't verify. Sweeney said he lied because he worried that they wouldn't believe him if they knew about his brain injury. You think? Also, why would he just pop out with it on Elliott's show then? Does he figure that now that the story has aired, he can just go back to the truth? Or did he forget he lied in the first place due to his TBI? Don harangues Jerry about the fact that the number one symptom of TBI is memory loss. Will offers to talk to Sweeney alone and then question him on air to clean it up. Thanks, Father Will. To the rescue, once again. Maybe you could have interviewed him a week ago? Everyone's in a tizzy, so Jerry reminds them that they still have the other two witnesses, but Jim says that one of them is recanting. Mac counters that they have the raw footage as well as Jerry and Maggie's word that the general said they used sarin. Maggie decides that now would be a good idea to tell everyone that she wasn't actually there for the interview, at the general's request. Oh Maggie. Go give yourself a bad haircut. I swear to God, if it turns out that she gave herself the haircut because she got raped or assaulted by one of the tricks she picked up in a bar, I am going to riot. And also flip a table.

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