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Boy, I haven't done a recap since May and I am rusty! Luckily, my triumphant return is subbing for the awesome Sara M on a show I love to hate, so sit back and relax while Will mansplains American history to us all.

So we're back in the conference room with Marcia Gay Harden, Lady Lawyer, who is still doing discovery for the lawsuit against the network. What lawsuit, you may ask? Oh, let Don tell you all about it as he faces the panel. Now, I assume Marcia Gay Harden is trying to get all the facts straight so that they can determine whether it's in the network's best interest to go to trial or to settle, but c'mon. The big guys always settle in these cases. No one ever goes to trial.

Anyway, Don is being all Don about the whole thing, wondering why he seems to be the only sane one in a world of craziness, because he thinks the whole lawsuit is insane. Marcia Gay Harden purrs at him some more while Don wonders why they're wasting everyone's time and money on investigating this debacle when everyone knows it was Jerry's fault and Jerry's fault alone. And because it's Sorkin, Don expresses this by repeating the same line multiple times but changing the emphasis: "Why do we need lawyers? Why do we need lawyers?"

Don kindly summarizes the season so far, in case you were sleeping or are a woman or just tripped over something/hit your head on something/ran your car into something (or more likely did all of those things): Jerry came up from D.C. and wanted to make a name for himself so he pursued a story about the US using sarin gas, and then he edited the raw footage of an interview with a retired general to make his case. The story was aired and then fell apart, so Jerry was immediately found out and fired and ACN lost all credibility with the public. And instead of apologizing, now Jerry's suing them for wrongful termination. So Don's like, "Why isn't this an open and shut case? That dude violated every journalistic ethical standard, so we fired him."

Marcia Gay Harden doesn't disagree, but she tells Don that it is more nuanced, because Jerry claims he was made to be a scapegoat. Here's what I don't get. Jerry wasn't in a union, was he? He's not a member of a protected class (although that might have made this storyline more -- to use one of Sorkin's favorite words in this scene -- nuanced). Presumably he is, like most Americans, an at-will employee, which means he can be fired at any time for any reason or for no reason. Anyway.

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