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Previously on Nashville: Rayna caught Liam and Scarlett making out and fired him, just as he has now been fired from our hearts. Juliette wanted a label that would let her be herself, and asked if Rayna would sign her to Highway 65. Gunnar was a bit overenthusiastic about Zunvery, Zoey was interested in becoming a backup singer (but not interested enough to Google what you need to prepare for a backup singing audition), and Will continued his reluctance to shave the beard known as Layla. OH, and Megan banged Teddy in the backseat of her own car as a nation went, "…Yeeesh."

We enter with Zoey on a backup singing audition that appears to be taking place in a church. I don't think she's singing an actual church song, but it still has that kind of vibe. Or maybe it's the stained glass windows are throwing me off? There are three folks at a desk, and the main guy (at least I assume he's the main guy, since he's wearing thick glasses and a fedora -- and you CAN NOT be a cool guy in the music business without a fedora) tells her that she was phenomenal. They're bringing back their top choices next week to sing with the talent, and he tells her to keep her phone close.

Deacon and Scarlett bump into each other at their house, and Scarlett asks how tour is going. Deacon tells her that his last motel didn't have any heat, but the good news is that the roaches stayed in the wall to keep warm. Ah, the glamorous life of a touring musician! Deacon wonders why Scarlett isn't working with Liam, and she says that it turns out he can only produce three tracks on her album, since he "got" "called" "away" "on" "another" "project." She's wearing a snowflake sweater and her hair is up, and Deacon looks a tad concerned. He tells her that Liam is a great producer, but for what it's worth he personally has never been a big fan. Scarlett sort of smiles and goes to bed. And I guess if you're Deacon, it would be kind of hard to enjoy the company of a guy who banged the love of your life AND your niece within six months of each other.

And then we're playing music with Maddie and Daphne! Yay! Or nay, according to Teddy. He walks in and notes that this doesn't look anything like a presentation on the Battle of Liberty Gap. He's good natured about it, until Maddie says that she's working on a new song and wants to play it for Deacon tomorrow. Daphne -- who of course is perfect -- already has finished her math problems and wants Teddy to check them. Maddie tells her that they don't even have school tomorrow, and to stop being such a nerd. Hey girl, now let's not start smart-shaming! Teddy sits right in front of Maddie, who currently has a "C" in history, and tells her that it's not cool for her hobbies to get in the way of her homework, no matter if it's how she deals with the fact that her true paternity was kept a secret from her for thirteen years and/or that her stepmother has recently been violently shot and killed. Maddie is incensed, and yells back that music is NOT a hobby to her. Teddy grabs the guitar from her hands and says that school has to be her priority. If she makes progress on the Battle of Liberty Gap, she'll get the guitar back for her lesson. Maddie storms off. And seriously… I think sometimes as a parent you have to realize that you're sitting on top of a freakishly talented cash cow and just let the history project slide.

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