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Train in Vain
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Previously: Will took a keen interest in Brent's new boyfriend, and a keen right hook at some homophobe harassers in Houston. Deacon was thrilled to get a spot in the Music City Music Festival, and was unaware that Teddy pulled his name from the list of performers. Zoey decided she had to tell Scarlett that she and Gunnar are together, but then didn't have to when Scarlett saw them kissing. Awkward! Meanwhile, Rayna had all kinds of problems with label head honcho Jeff Fordham, and Layla leaked the news that Juliette broke up renowned celebrity couple Charlivia.

We begin with preparations well under way for the festival. Juliette, Teddy and a city councilwoman are having their photo taken and exchanging pleasantries. When the councilwoman leaves, Teddy takes Juliette's hand and sincerely thanks her, since if she hadn't agreed to come on board they wouldn't have connected with Charlie Wentworth, and the festival wouldn't have happened. Juliette says it's her pleasure, though when she turns and walks away she gives a weird grimace to Glen. Maybe that's just a facial tic? She seems to have it a lot.

That grimace turns to a smile when Juliette walks outside and sees Avery, who's there to drop off his guitars for their show the next night. Why he'd need to drop off guitars in advance I don't know, but then again I am not the lead guitarist for the headliner of the Music City Music Festival. Juliette thanks him for playing with her after she gave her current player Brian time off to catch up on sleep or something. Whatever pitiful excuse she made for getting him there, Avery is not complaining. He notes that he tried calling her a few times and got her voice mail, and is wondering if everything's okay. She says it is, but even if that's true at the moment it won't be for long. A bunch of reporters run up to her asking questions about being to blame for the Charlivia split, and it is the first (but not the last OR the bloodiest-looking!) time that we encounter the word "home wrecker" during this episode. Juliette is shuffled into a waiting car, and Teddy wanders out only to have a microphone stuck in his face and a reporter asking, "Any thoughts on the fact that the face of your festival is a tramp?" Teddy apparently has no thoughts, at least that he'd like to share at the moment.

Then we're at Rayna's house, where she and Luke are admiring the artwork for their single and talking about their upcoming radio tour. Luke is all for early morning radio spots if it means he gets to spend time with her. He adds, "I like this working with my girlfriend thing." Rayna gets flirty as she says she's not sure if her kids are ready for her to have a boyfriend. Jeff asks if she, in fact, is ready to have a boyfriend, and she just laughs. For the moment, at least, he's just fine being her dirty little secret. And speaking of dirty little secrets, Luke spent the morning golfing with Jeff (to which Rayna says, "Oh god, did you lose a bet?") and Jeff mentioned marketing strategy for her album launch. What album launch, you may ask? Yes, the album launch that Jeff told Rayna he wouldn't do. Luke has the district impression that Jeff will release "Rayna Jaymes is Not Dead, Vol. 1" right on the heels of the single. Whatever promises that Jeff has made to Luke, Rayna hopes Luke has collected on, because she's going to go over to Edgehill and kill him. The whole contract buyout has become a little like the Cumberland Deal to me -- just wah wah wah, and can we get to some people making out already?

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