They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore

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Zero Weddings and a Funeral
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Previously on Nashville: Despite being unable to Google anything related to auditions, Zoey was actually a pretty good singer. Deacon told Juliette to keep saying what she believes in, and that precise impulse led her to getting dropped by Edgehill. Glenn remained loyal through everything, and Juliette thanked him for sticking by her side all these years. Scarlett and Liam started recording together, and my personal "doom foreshadowing" alarm started screeching furiously. Rayna learned that Lamar quite probably killed her mom and Peggy, and told him that as far as she was concerned, both of her parents were dead. She meant it metaphorically, but then Lamar totally clutched his chest and collapsed in Teddy's office. Teddy may have called for help in his brain, but no actual words of urgency made it out of his mouth.

We enter with Rayna in the studio, listening to the part of Scarlett's new track where she wails about not being under a spell. Liam asks what she thinks, and Rayna says it's amazing. She turns to Scarlett, and assures her that it's beautiful and moving and raw and emotional and she loves it. I assume she doesn't love Scarlett's stupid Depression-era coat, which she continues to wear just to spite me. (And also because she's now a drug addict.) She compliments Liam on the mix and says that since they obviously have it all under control, she's going to head off. Her phone is blowing up with calls from Teddy while this is all happening, which she ignores. On her way out, Liam asks Rayna if everything is okay. He's heard that her dad is out of prison and says it must be a relief, but Rayna just says that she's focusing on work right now. Liam assures her that if she needs him, he's there. Rayna tells him that his work with Scarlett is the biggest help -- she's risking everything, and so Scarlett's album has to be great. And then Liam asks how things are going with Luke, because he totally still wants to bone Rayna. She dismisses his flirtatious efforts, and the world folds in on itself with sadness. It is like torture to have so much Liam in these episodes when all he does is turn Scarlett into a pill head and then bang her. (Um, spoiler alert. But you should have time to prepare yourself.)

We then turn to Juliette listening to a recording of "Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet," which was produced by Avery. She tells him that perfect is the wrong word -- she needs a word that's better than perfect. She loves it, and Avery beams. Juliette then laments that nobody will ever hear it, given that Jeff dropped her from Edgehill and no one else in the city will touch her. Avery has a bit more faith in her, and also has some good news to report. Ken Inman, the music critic for the New York Times, watched the video of her Opry performance (AS IF the Opry would post that on their website). He wrote that even though Juliette is best known for her spangled hot pants and many tabloid appearances, her brave, rebellious and eye-opening Opry performance proves that she has a "deeper spring" (whatever that means) and is an artist with music worth of serious consideration and respect. Juliette has gone legit! She's not getting too excited, though, since nobody else in Nashville reads the New York Times. And every other paper is "literally" putting dirt on her grave. Maybe that's some sort of inventive protest tactic? Avery wants her to bask in the glow of good news. She wants to bask in the afterglow of banging Avery. Well, fair enough.

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