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Burning Down the House
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Previously on Nashville: Tandy knew all of Lamar's dirty little secrets, and wasn't shy about sharing them with the feds. Teddy theorized to Megan that Lamar ordered the hit on him, while Deacon got a (low-paid) deal with Belcourt Records. Rayna had a come to Jesus with Scarlett, telling her that it takes more than talent to make it in the music business. And after angry mobs with pitchforks and torches showed up at every Juliette Barnes show (well, at least the ones that weren't cancelled), Jeff ordered her to apologize. Juliette in turn showed up at Avery's door…and asked him to write a song with her. A song of apology? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

We open the episode with Luke "Two" Wheeler banging on some drums, and Rayna is impressed. She wonders what he's doing with a guitar, and he says that you can't serenade the ladies with a drum. But he just did! He and Rayna start making out, and it's confusing as usual. Liam comes in at this opportune moment, looking like we feel (which is puzzled and vaguely disgusted). Luke introduces himself all friendly-like, and Liam congratulates him on "Ball and Chain." Liam then says that he's apparently not the only guy that Rayna can make beautiful music with, and Rayna looks rather uncomfortable. Luke, however, is unfazed and looks forward to hearing what Liam will do with Scarlett. He does pull Rayna toward him while he's talking up Scarlett, which leads me to wonder why these two don't just pull it out and measure. Looking at Liam with his extra-shaggy hair also leads me to wonder why Rayna isn't doing the logical thing and boning him instead of Luke -- a question I am bound to ask in perpetuity.

Anyhoo, Liam has finished mixing "This Time," the song that Rayna wrote with Deacon, and agrees that it's the single. This means that their album is done, and now all Rayna has to do is launch it against every major label in town. Scarlett then comes bumbling in to ruin everything, as she does, and Rayna tells her not to let Liam scare her. We're reminded that the first time Rayna met Liam, and he slammed a door in her face. But then they had an all night tequila rager and the world was right. Luke hustles Rayna out so they're not late to their next engagement, and she tells Scarlett to have fun and Liam to be nice. And the only thing more awkward than having Luke and Rayna there with Scarlett and Liam, apparently, is having Luke and Rayna leave Scarlett and Liam alone.

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