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Shut Up and Sing
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Previously on Nashville: Peggy got shot, y'all. And it was nowhere near as satisfying as I thought it was going to be. Juliette was deemed responsible for the Charlivia split, and her fans tried -- in vain -- to successfully paint "home wrecker" on a sheet with Peggy's leftover pork blood. She then showed up at Avery's door to profess her love, only to find Scarlett there. Awkward! Scarlett, meanwhile, puffed her cheeks up with rage when she found out that Zoey and Gunnar were dating. Jeff handed Rayna a folder of market research, which she refused to look at before announcing that she was buying herself out of Edgehill. And finally, Will boned Brent and found himself in yet another shame spiral that ended on railroad tracks. Let's hope that some of these folks have a better 2014.

We begin with Juliette singing a rather maudlin song about being haunted by dreams against a blue sky video backdrop. The tone, apparently, is appropriate as we see Peggy being taken away from the grounds of the Music City Music Festival on a stretcher while Rayna and Teddy look on, and then slowly walk away. We then see the whole Jaymes-Conrad family sitting together on the couch in funeral attire, with Maddie and Daphne snuggling with a pained Teddy. I know I am haunted by dreams of Teddy innocently trying to butter his toast and pulling a tub of leftover pork blood from the fridge.

Juliette finishes the song, and is surprised to see Avery looking on with Glen. As it happens, this is the song that Juliette and Avery wrote together, and Glen invited him to watch rehearsal. Avery thinks the song is beautiful, but Juliette makes an excuse to avoid having to talk to him further, which would possibly entail admitting that she did in fact show up at his door in the middle of the night to profess her love.

Rayna and the girls then watch Teddy give a press conference about Peggy's death. The shooter -- who was, of course, targeting Teddy -- was also found dead, apparently by suicide. Maddie wonders if this means that this whole thing is over and nobody is trying to hurt Teddy anymore. Rayna says that is exactly what it means, but WE know that Lamar was probably behind the whole thing. Teddy continues that the shooter blamed Teddy for his chronic unemployment, which makes absolutely no sense. If the guy was a professional assassin, for example, I'd say he simply needed more skill development. Teddy tears up as he says that because of this man's delusion, the woman that he loved is gone. I thought he kind of hated Peggy? I guess he was coming around at the end. Rayna tells the girls that they can see Teddy soon, and that he's said that the only thing that helps him is having them around (preferably without Deacon in tow, one can assume.)

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