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Previously: Way back in I think episode one, Avery bumped into Juliette backstage at the Ryman and she said, "You should try that again sometime." Scarlett slugged him in response. Crazy Peggy learned at the doctor that she lost her baby, but that didn't stop her from pretending to be pregnant so Stupid Teddy would marry her. Deacon was encouraging to Scarlett about her career taking off, and said that doing it with Rayna is a good thing (and he should know). Jeff Fordham sent Gunnar out on the road to write with Luke "Big" Wheeler, and he was in for a big, fated surprise when he saw Scarlett on the tour bus. Rayna told Jeff that she wasn't going to do a comeback album, then made a big deal about a buyout that was squashed when Lamar went to jail and his assets were frozen. And Olivia Wentworth showed up at Juliette's door, told her she knew Juliette was sleeping with Charlie, then asked why she wasn't sleeping with her as well. This is going to end up just like Wild Things, isn't it?

We begin where we left off, just after Olivia has planted a big kiss on Juliette. Juliette wonders what Olivia is doing. Well obviously she's trying to swim in the lady pond with you! Just think of the mature songs that such a dalliance could inspire! Juliette says she doesn't know what Charlie told Olivia, and Olivia says he told her to get to know Juliette better so that maybe…all of them together could…have some fun. And I have to say, I'm not entirely buying Juliette's wide-eyed reaction to this. She sat on Santa Claus's lap. She knows a thing or two about things. In any case, Juliette is incredulous that Olivia is talking about having a threesome, and Olivia adds that sometimes also Charlie just likes to watch. Juliette suggests that Olivia go, and Olivia notes that Charlie must have been wrong about Juliette's level of adventurousness. Juliette argues that she's had a LOT of adventure in her life -- she just doesn't like to share. Olivia not so gently points out that Charlie is HER husband, so technically Juliette is already sharing. She leaves, and Juliette looks quite a bit bewildered. Rich people!

Scarlett and Gunnar then say an awkward hello on the tour bus, and Gunnar explains that he's got a gig writing with Luke. Scarlett's impressed, but after all she's the one with the dedicated bedroom while Gunnar has to jump up into a sardine bunk. The bus is heading to Tampa, and the tour manager tells Scarlett to get some rest since she has a big day ahead -- radio station in the morning, rehearsal, meet and greet, and the gig. Scarlett looks typically terrified, and I'm sure would like nothing more than to snuggle up to Gunnar and giggle guiltily when the rest of the band yells, "Hand check!"

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